Monday, 22 June 2009

offer email from SHELL

Dear Afif Shafie Abd Samad
We are pleased to offer you a scholarship [PROVISIONAL] for a 3 Year Degree course at any one of the following Universities:-

1. Leeds University - Sciences (Geosciences, Chemistry and Physics)
2. Bristol University - Sciences (Geosciences, Chemistry and Physics)
3. Durham University - Sciences (Geosciences, Chemistry and Physics)
4. Texas A&M - Petroleum Engineering
This offer is subject to your acceptance of the Shell Scholarship Fund letter of offer and scholarship agreement. This offer will lapse by JULY-31-2009, in the event that the letter of offer and the scholarship agreement are not signed by the said date. The duration of the award will take effect from 1st September 2009 and will expire upon the completion of your course in the following discipline:-

a. Sciences (Geosciences, Chemistry and Physics)
b. Petroleum Engineering
The formal offer letter and other documentations [Acceptance Letter, Sureties Form, Personal Data Form] will be given to you on the day of the Award.

You are hereby invited to attend the MAJLIS ANUGERAH BIASISWA SHELL 2009 at the following date/day:-

Venue: Dewan Resital, Universiti Malaysia Sabah
Date/day: June - 26, 2009
Time: 7:00am Rehearsal
Event Proper: 9:00am
Dress Code: Formal/National Dress

Note: All travelling expenses will be borne by you.
You are required to be at the venue on/before 7:am. for the Rehearsal.
Both your parents are invited to witness the Event.

I dont know if I should go this thing.My heart just like pumping soo hard just thinking about this matter.

What a life I have been going through right now.
What SHOULD I do!!!???

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