Thursday, 21 January 2010

CAT with six fingers=kucing kampung berjari anam

during a windy afternoon...
like always I'm having my study group at red square.
Suddenly a cute kitten kinda species kucing kampunglah but it's so cute!wawawawa
so our study having it's commercial break(iklan kucing kampung nama dia,haha)
Then, we realized that she had 6 fingers on each foot.

me:ui,6 fingers bha ni kucing
lihin:iya take pictures and post about it...
me:emm bha
me:hei,there's nipple here to(beside the palm),so that makes seven right?
lihin:no lah ,that one of some sort of pressure absorber(I'm like ,ohh what ever....It's look like nipple for me ,walaupun colour dia ndak macam pink;hitam colour dia )

where's the kucing kampung?
"saaaaaaaaaaaaaaana ranau"......haha long time didn't say that phrase...

from above.

cute kan..I'm calling her kucing kampung because she like my cat back home(papar sabah tuh kampung bha kan?)

see,seriously.1,2,3,4,5 and 6!!!!I'm not lying you know.

p/s:I will have my selanjar 3 next next week ,a medical hope I pass with flying colours .huhu.amin

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Abdomen anatomy-dissection

Okay student,today we'll study the anatomy of abdomen.Please wear your glove and mask.

From my observation , the cadaver is male.
Frankly speaking, I hate memorizing all the nerves that are so complex.Notwithstanding,the muscles and all the distinctive feature of each parts of human body.( huaa.....nasib belum beruban...)
Eventually I fell in love with it after I know the functions and after I realized I will treat a real human being later on!!!.I must memorize!!!(that's the spirit....kekeke)

This video was taken during our anatomy briefing .
ENJOY!!!(idk if it's the right THING to say..haha)

actually the cadaver is already dissected , and already covered by formalin (kind of material to make cadaver last longer-preservation)

Thursday, 14 January 2010

My tayar pancit!!!

  1. Step 1

    Turn the emergency lights on and slowly and safely pull off the road. Find a spot that is visible but also away from traffic (of course!!) or set a few flares/emergency signs out on the road at 10-foot (3-m) intervals.

  2. Step 2

    Apply the hand brake (importante!) and put in neutral gear so the car won't roll.

  3. Step 3

    Take out a spare tire, leverage pipe, jack, lug-nut wrench? and (if it's dark out) flashlight (see illustration). The leverage pipe is simply a piece of hollow pipe that can help you loosen a lug nut previously tightened with an air ratchet.

  4. Step 4

    Chock the other wheels with a large rock or a log to prevent the car from rolling.(perlukah ?? ndak pernah pula aku dengar)

  5. Step 5

    Remove the hubcap (if necessary) with a screwdriver. Many newer cars have hubcaps that don't require removal for access to the lug nuts.(penutup tayar kan kan kan?kereta mcm lori syak sekarang ni yang masih teda hubcap)

  6. Step 6

    Use the lug-nut wrench to loosen the lug nuts on the flat tire (but do not remove them). To loosen a bolt or nut, turn counterclockwise. Remember: lefty-loosy, righty-tighty. If it doesn't come off easily, If one lug on each wheel looks different from the rest and the lug-nut wrench doesn't fit it, then you have locking lug nuts (to prevent wheel theft). Check the glove compartment for a special key that fits on this lug nut and makes removal with the lug-nut wrench possible.

  7. Step 7

    When all the nuts are loose, jack up the car, making sure the jack is vertical and well planted on the hard surface of the road (do not jack up a car on sand or dirt). You'll find diagrams indicating where to place the jack either in the car owner's manual or on a sticker affixed to the jack. Most cars have a small slot near each tire for the jack. Jack up the car slightly more than needed to remove the flat tire; the spare will be larger because it is full of air.

  8. Step 8

    Remove the lug nuts. Put them in your pocket or someplace else where they won't get lost.

  9. Step 9

    Take the flat tire off and put it in the trunk.

  10. Step 10

    Put the spare on. If you are unsure which way the wheel goes on, look for the air-pressure valve--it always faces out.

  11. Step 11

    Tighten the lug nuts by turning clockwise

  12. Step 12

    Lower the car and remove the jack.

  13. Step 13

    Tighten the lug nuts again using the leverage pipe. Make them as tight as you can.

  14. Step 14

    Pop on the hubcap (if applicable).

  15. Step 15

    Put everything away neatly so it's ready for next time.

  16. Step 16

    Remove the chock, then drive to a tire shop. Most shops can fix flats while you wait, and it's usually inexpensive.

Saturday, 9 January 2010




1/2 kilo gm beras, basuh ..rendam kejap dan dikisar halus
1 kg gula pasir ]
1 kg gula merah ] masak dan tapiskan
2 kg pati santan
600 gm sagu halus, direndam
10 biji pisang emas atau pisang raja, dipotong kecil
1 kg kacang hijau, direbus empuk
1 mangkuk hirisan jagung
1 kg ubi keledek, dipotong dadu
600 gm kacang tanah, digoreng dan dibuang kulitnya
10 ulas nangka masak, dipotong dadu


1. Masukkan santan ke dalam periuk. Kemudian campurkan tepung beras sedikit demi sedikit dan kacau biar sebati.
2. Campurkan air gula yang siap ditapis.
3. Kemudian masukkan bahan seperti hirisan jagung, ubi keledek terlebih dulu kerana bahan terb a b i t lambat empuk.
4. Akhir sekali baru masukkan pisang, kacang hijau, kacang tanah dan nangka. Bahan ini akan lembek kalau dicampur terlalu awal.
5. Kacau adunan bubur sehingga pekat. Kalau adunan mula �lekang� dari periuk bermakna bubur itu sudah masak.

Bubur ni untuk jumlah yang banyak...kalau nak buat untuk keluarga kecil...just buatlah anggaran kita sendiri...SELAMAT MENCUBA...

BUBUR ASYURA [versi manis ]


1 biji keledek
1 biji keladi
2 biji pisang nangka
1 liter santan [1 biji kelapa]
1 cawan gula pasir
1 cawan gula merah
1 tin jagung manis
1 cawan kacang hijau [rebuskan]
1/2 cawan sagu [basuh dan toskan]
1/2 cawan tepung beras
1 helai daun pandan

1. Keledek, keladi dan pisang dipotong dadu
2. Rebuskan kedelek dan keladi. Toskan
3. Jerangkan santan dengan gula merah, gula pasir dan daun pandan sehingga larut.
4. Masukkan semua bahan dan tepung beras.
5. Sentiasa kacau supaya tidak bergentel.
6. Masukkan sagu dan kacau sehingga pekat dan kental.
7. Bila sagu nampak jerneh tuangkan dalam loyang dan sejukkan.
8. Bila sejuk boleh dipotong dan hidangkan.


1 kg beras
1 kg bawang merah(500 gm dimesin ,500 gm dijadikan bawang goreng)
1 kg gula
1 kg daging
1 kg santan
250 gm kacang hijau
500 gm ubi keledek
250 gm kerisek
2 btg serai
2 cm halia
5 ulas bawang putih
3 s/b rempah ashura

1. Masukkan beras, kacang, keledek dan daging sehingga lembut dan hancur.
2. Mesinkan bawang merah, bawang putih, halia dan serai.
3. Masukkan dalam rebusan beras dan daging tadi.
4. Masukkan rempah, kerisek, bawang goreng dan santan.
5. Masukkan garam dan kacau sehingga rata dan masak pekat.
6. Tuangkan dlam loyang atau bekas kecil.
7. Sejukkan dan boleh dihidangkan.

actually,I had my first bubur asyura here in USM.I used to heard about bubur asyura when I am at KML(kolej matrikulasi labuan). "hoho kenangan terindah d situ"

but then,I never espect that it will look like this.So not like bubur/porridge.It is dark,not even smell good
seriously!I take my entire afternoon thinking of eating that thing.My friend said that it is called porridge cause it use rice as major ingredient and boiled until it is cold and hard.

To tell you the truth,the taste is better than It's Look.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Bridge,Tooth pulp removal

Today,we are required to observe and assist final year student in USM dental clinic.It's a tiring day but after a good jog just now, I feel much better.I seldom jog this week due to Nasyid practise that I have every late afternoon.

OK back to posting.Well,Lots of havoc thing happens on the whole time of posting.There is one case where this guy having a bridge on his incisor.Both his incisor are gone due to "mat rempit".So this bridge are use to replace some of the missing teeth with initial set of teeth.The difference between bridge with old artificial teeth is that it is permanent .

Second,one of the case that make me terpesona seketika is the tooth pulp removal.Basically,the root pulp is like your soft part in the middle of your bone.As we go older the pulp is dead.So,to ensure that the tooth last for a longer time.....
we extract the pulp out and insert some kind of rubbery substance that should replace the pulp.
"how about the cost?"
hoho,in the private clinic it cost nearly RM3500.expensive right?hoho...

oh,oh,oh there was one cutie little girl going for removal of her Kurap in his gingiva( gusi...satuperkataan baru di situ..hehe).She was so cute and afraid until she cannot control of her external sphincter (utk control pembuangan air kecil..hoho)...and sssssssssssssssssss......she pee in her pants.Thank God we are wearing mask,if not our professionalism will be

okay then,until next post.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Happy Birthday Mohd FAIZWAN

Happy birthday to my little brother Mohammad Faizwan Bin Abd Samad.Happy birthday!!!and of course the one that will get the cake the most,my little sister Nuratiqah Natasya.

Dear adiku yang ku sayang semuanya:

If you read this post in the future , I would you to know that abang sayang kamu semua.I know I am not a great example for all of you.But I try my best to be the best of me for you.I will do anything to make you happy.

Even though we spend few times together,I hope that our beautiful memories will cherish forever.Living far from all of you really a big challenge for me.I don't know if I can survive without hearing your quacking voice everyday.

I will remember the time I spent to baby sit you when mom go to work.How hard it is to make you smile when you are crying,begging to go to the garden.only god knows how hard it is to make your milk in the middle of night.To make myself strong when mom and dad is not home.To be something that you are proud of.

I will remember the time when you are sleeping listening to my horrible,making your meal everyday..That time had past,you already grown up...not the baby that always ask something with crying.....really make me miss you right now.

Mohammad faizwan,abang sangat sayang kamu...jangan nakal ahh...belajar rajin-rajin...abang sentiasa doakan kejayaan adik-adik abang...

maybe this falling tears right now shows how much I miss you...and shows I love you soo much...

happy birthday,,,

Friday, 1 January 2010

hepi new year!!!!

happy NEW year everyone!!!

Azam tahun lepas(2009) sudah tercapai iaitu mendapat course yang baik and di minati.
I think,I had made a right decision to be a dentist.Eventhough it is not promising much money compare to geology.I love it!!!

Still azam 30 years old iaitu afif shafie akan menjadi Datuk Dr Hj Afif Shafie before 30!amin.....(azam ni dari kecil lagi tau,jangan main2)

Lepas tuh macam besa,kurangkan berat tingkatkan prestasi senaman.okay fine, tagline melodi.hoho.

Nak study berabis" maksudnya all out.Di mana2 pun study.hoho.bolehkah anda afif?katakan ya pada afif.(ok iklan)

next ,this year harap I will become a better person in my ibadah" especially.Need lots of ilmu agama yang perlu ditambah yer.nak tambah ibadah sunat lagi.(ok Ustaz Afif in the making.kweng3)

hopefully I will do extra fine in my study.Berharap yang diri ini mampu melepasi first year dgn jayanya.amin.

semoga my family di murahkan rezeki dan sejahtera hidup dunia dan akhirat!

dan last tahniah kepada adik ku nursyafiqah abd samad kerana berjaya terpilih untuk training SUKMA!tapi ingat kak,study kena study hard tau.jangan malas2.hidup ini hanya sekali.jangan sia siakan hidup kita.Kita yang mengubah nasib diri sendiri ,bukan orang lain.Abang doakan semua adik-adik abang berjaya di dalam pelajaran dan sentiasa berjaya di dunia dan di akirat dengan berkat dari-NYA.amin.