Saturday, 24 September 2011

Rumah terbuka Kak Zoom

 lihin!! we were the only men having eid vibe by wearing baju melayu ~~ :D
the others,blah boring!!keh keh keh

 lot's of menus that was soo overwhelming!!!
my favourite were Roselle Juice,Gulai Kambing and Kuih Jala!!!!

 I am religiously eating!!! even I cant remember how many times I go and forth to add more food!!gosh!!! *fatfatfat!

see the picture above....even I cant sense the camera is actually capturing me...normally I pose one!!


Thank you Kak Farhana Zoom!!! make this as an annual event yer..keh keh keh

Friday, 23 September 2011

Cons today

hi peeps,

having a good day?
well I just want to share my story regarding my conservative class this morning.
basically today we need to do "Class 2" amalgam restoration on primary teeth.So we need to do cavity preparation like above picture.

Before that let's do some Dental class
for amalgam restoration in primary. the ideal depth of cavity is 1.5mm,if not the pulp which have nerve supply will be exposed and makes patient feel sensitive/pain.
if the pulp is exposed we need to put "liner" to protect the that the pulp is not been traumatize.

what is pulp horn?
pulp horn is an elongation of the pulp of the tooth that extends toward the cusp.
so , easy to say Pulp horn is actually the tips of the pulp/the highest point of pulp nearing the occlusal surface.:D


okay,back to my story telling.
please take note that for this cons class,u are given 2 hour to finish two "class 2" amalgam restoration.Means,U have limited Time to be used wisely,and trust me it was hectic!
So I already done with my cavity preparation ,so I asked Dr to check.

me:Dr, please check for my cavity prep on 85
Dr:*sit,take mirror and probe,and she start examine my work
me:***bismillah,bismillah,oklah,oklah!!!(in my mind)
becoz I knew I do slightly deep which is 1.8mm deep at central part.hope she did not realize it!*
Dr:Afif,the occlusal surface at the center is quite deep,what do you think you need to do?
me:*being protective I said* i do not think we need to do anything Dr,just do normal amalgam filling beeeecaussseeeee the part that slightly deep is far away from the "pulp horn."

(I add "because"!!!!!! and add my reasons just to avoid lining!! #lazyDrtobe)

Dr:how many pulp horn do this teeth have?
me:eeerrrrrmmmmmm,2......(**thank you afif for the PULP HORN question*!!! I hentam at first coz I don't know)
Dr:For this tooth~~molar!!~~
me:*remembered that 85 have 3 roots so I said* owh 3 Dr!
Dr:where are they located?
me:here,here,here /sini.sini.sini *with my index finger pointing*
Dr:where is here?
me:owh distobuccal,mesiobuccal and palatal #nervous
Dr:okay,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,a looooonnnnng halt,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,put lining~~then show it to me back. !

****!!!!!!! PUT LINING !!! huarhg!!!!!! #pullhair #scream #faint
my aims to save time and put aside lining failed~~~huarghhhh

moral of the story:If Dr ask u a question,be humble yet smart is the best policy!!!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Blog Header

hi peeps,u must have notice my new blog header right?I know it's childish looking,but this is what I've done for the past 30 minutes by using picnik!!lol
so bare with it,scroll down faster is u hate it soo much.ahaha
picnic is a website where u can edit ur picture in instant! I maybe discover it a bit late but late is better than never right.
and u know what ,no more photoshop for me..this is even better and a lot easier!!!#squinteye


p/s:I joined a marathon! I repeat ..MARATHON 10KM!!!! I repeat 10KM!!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

copy paste

Boyfriend: I love ur teeth

Girl: Oh really !! ? .. Why ?
BF: becoz "yellow" is my favorite color !

Dia Frampton:The Voice

 homaigod!!have u watch The Voice which is the new "IN" thing of the contestant name DIA FAMPTON just take my heart away with her...she was soo lovely and shy yet SUPER DUPER talented!!!
if u did not believe me go google n watch the above video and u will be amazed!!! I have goosebumps all along her performance which is madness!

This 23-year-old singer-songwriter from St. George, Utah is half Korean and half Dutch. Her career aspiration has been to be a voice-over actress, but her considerable singing talents may just steer her elsewhere. A life-long bookworm, Dia also writes novels and children's books.

p/s:I miss playing Sims Social at facebook...T.T
p/s/s:I am currently move on from korean shows to western shows now...^^
p/s/s:I love Olivier Green from Project Runway!!!BLOnd asian!!o.o

Thursday, 15 September 2011

1st failure making LIKE button!

howkay fine!!! I am stress!!! programing is not easy (it's not like I am doing a program ,but  still It felt like it,yeah -.-)

I was actually planning to do a Like button,and I THOUGHT that we need to make a fan page 1st!!! 
which is WRONG!!!

before I realize it I am already FINISHED making my blog fan page which is ridiculous(sounds like Harry Potter magic spells #dreaming)

and to make it short,i need to find a "high-class-not-stressful-at-all-DIV"



div class='post-footer'

which cant be found anywhere!!!!!



so here I am searching for a  KING of all DIV!! scroll up and down lie mad

and I only can find FOOTER_OUTER!!! where is the fff is post-footer!!!

I give up....

ps:I love blogger new uploading picture system ..u can upload lots of picture at once now!!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Healthy vegetable Snacks for you to try

recently,I'm in dilemma because I was having problem of snacking.So,I decided to try a new way of snacking by using vegetables!!!
right now I just started with carrot sticks.which is very affordable and easy to find.below are some vege that is sweet and can be taken as snack.:D

Monday, 12 September 2011

Study abroad with family..I wonder...

I just read new entry from kak ernie and she will move to UK soon following her husband further his study at Birmingham.....I never thought of continuing my study oversea after I had a family....


I was thinking for a while,and I think it is not a bad Idea after all,here some positive points i can think of:
  • u will not be alone as ur family is there with u
  • u don't need to worry about cleaning the house,kitchen,preparing local food,because u r not alone(not like ur living in hostel using double-Decker bed
  • ur social life is OKAY,I mean u did not involve in extreme / high risk behaviour because u have ur wife to remind u and be ur soul mate kan
  • can play with ur children if u have any and see they grow up.:D
  • can share ur problems with ur wife
  • spouse can find job and exp new environment
  • can go vacation together..honeymoon!!! oversea okay

Sunday, 11 September 2011


 there were no one yet that seem to realize the change ..that's a good sign

Saturday, 10 September 2011

1st post from my new Kelantan Room

safely arrived at kelantan yesterday at approx 3 pm,and just woke up from an nice afternoon nap..

having a hard  day unpacking which is the acticity I hate the most.11 boxes need to be carried from 1st I'm at second floor...

the holiday has ended finally....I had a very blissful memory and LONG break that I cant ask for more.But the sweet things must have it bad side right?in this 2 month holiday I lost alot of things.
one is my handphone which cost me RM 700++,then suddenly I realize I cannot find my HARD DRIVE during packing at home which cost me RM 200,and I lost my LG charger which I use now WHICH I thought I left it at USM....AND I lost Libary BOOKS!!!!someone took it !!! I cant find it anywhere in the store room!!!!! #died
but the good side is that I didn't feel nervous or anything,a bit lah but not like it was like tomorow is ur exam #fliphair
WHY? i dunno,maybe my reckless side is neglecting all the negative side and just go with it...what can I do with it right?things had happen....:)

my room is on 2nd floor which is the highest peak of nurani man hostel.and it is beside toilet,if u open ur door,it is directly connected to toilet..memang high class lah..#rolleyes
the best part of my room is of course the view.....u can see nurani office from my room..and it is not creepy if u open ur curtains and windows at night coz its soo bright ..:D

all in all,I have very mixed feelings coming and starting a new year ...I am excited in learning part but a bit down  with my things yang LOST IN ACTION jak....hmmm..

"semua yng terjadi ada hikmahnya"

happy starting a new SEM for all U student around the globe and happy eid mubarak!!