Saturday, 13 February 2010

Renal,Respiration and Gastrointestinal Block Histology slides

Assalamualaikum and welcome guys,

Here are some pictures of slide I wanna share with you.It's the pictures of slides that we take for our revision purpose.

It includes renal,respi and GIT block.For your information we have 100 slides to remember for our professional exam.The blocks I mention earlier just some of it.waaa!

We had the Objective structured clinical/practical examination (OSCE/OSPE) for selanjar tiga (medical) and this 3 block are in it.It was tough and I partially sure that I answer wrongly in one of the histo question.huaaaaa!!!T.T

oh..if you please go here for full sets of this 3 block slides.(THANKS TO LIHIN FOR EDITTING THE PICTURE)

Fundus part of the stomach
  • Prominent rugae on Luminal surface
  • Long Fundic Gland
  • Short gastric pit

Filiform papillae of Tongue
  • Stratified Squamous partial keratinized epithelium
  • conical shaped
  • No taste bud

  • Elastic Cartilage
  • Glands in lamina propia
  • Anterior surface and half posterior surface is stratified squamous non keratinized
  • The other posterior surface is Pseudo stratified ciliated columnar with goblet cells

Duodenum(I always typo it as deOdenum,muahahaha)
  • it's mucosa contain crypts of Lieberkuhn
  • it's sub mucosa contain brunner's gland
  • and it's epithelium is simple columnar with goblet cell

circumvalate papillae in tongue
  • dome shape
  • stratified squamous non-keratinized
  • taste bud on the lateral surface

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