Thursday, 15 July 2010

my new retreat


Team Medical Dragon focuses around a genius surgeon, Asada Ryutaro, who's methods have made him a bit of a renegade in the eyes of Japanese doctors. The manga exposes the "illness" of the Japanese hospitals and how their system is not designed to care for the patient.
The manga is appropriate for mature audiences and contains blood, nudity, harsh language, and sex.


team medical dragon is a mangga (comic) about..(please read the summary).It's a really good manga minus sex.others is fine.

This is my new obsession ...I cant stop reading it! (that explain why you are soo malas afif!!!) The story line really caught me in the heart,making me believe that my dream to be a medical doctor is just is what I wanna be...ooohh ....(even though in the reality i am really grateful for what I had).

I really advised person above aged 18 to read it.because some of the drawings are too.........explicit(well daaaah read the summary : nudity , sex!!)

here's the link

p/s: owh I heard that in 2014 doctors will tanam anggur !!!!!!! yikes!

Monday, 12 July 2010

orange stethoscope


It was tiring day for me today.Even though i have lots of notes to read (2 only) i don't have the strength to even open the notes.Just imagine we had class until night!!!

5-7pm:conservative class
9-10pm:briefing prosthodontics block
10-11pm:meeting for maxillofacial booth for this coming convocation
11-12am:GLEE and blogging(LOL)

huaaa...soo tired..owh the most interesting things happen today is that i bought an ORANGE STETHOSCOPE!!!!! I was jumping with excitement as I saw that over bright orange cost me RM 220.00 or maybe around 61.10 US dollar.
I also bought this cutie medical handbook that seniors handbook...its big as you this soo cutie this book soo much

can you see the price?its actually RM89.90 but i get it for RM58...okay right?

that is all for now, I will post what i done in conservative class later on.Bye and stay PRISTINE!!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

just another day that makes me smile

my sarung...


As the wind from the fan force fully blowing my short hair without any effect .i really felt that i am at the warmest place on earth.(lalalalalaaaaaaalaalalalllllllaaaaaaaaa....."effect of watching glee i guess)
today was hectic for me even though i done nothing much except i attend lectures,eat with friends(a hobby of mine).It was interesting to be part of medic student again after one month ONLY studying dental syllabus.
oh do you know that i just met one of my dental junior?(why on earth do you know right? wtf*quote from xia xue*)
It was hilarious(for me) as I am trying my hardest not to spoiled my juniors mood of becoming the next APEX batch with my thick ,hard to digest accent.Hmm,I prefer talk in English.

"I look stupid when I speak in Malay" should be converted to "I sound super weird when i talk in Malay with people from peninsular especially kelantanese.....


what a day....I like controlling my mouth so hard till it make my butt
i do not know about you but I am really adjusting my tough really hard when I speak Malay here in peninsular.Don't get me wrong,I am proud to be sabahan and i love how i sound.but sometimes it really vital to make sure what you are talking can be interpreted by the others.....

for example
mana jak
mane jer




p/s:lot's of my visitor that comes from soo many countries was actually viewing my men nipple post(here)..should i make another pervert entry?hoho

Friday, 9 July 2010

As we go on
We remember
All the times we
Had together
And as our lives change
From whatever
We will still be
Friends Forever