Thursday, 29 April 2010

Exam are finished!!!


Yup,my medic 1st year exam just finished!!! was 5 days of hell and full of stress.I was so happy it was finished already but need to bare in mind that the result aren't coming out yet...

the result will be out on this coming 6Th of may 2010.Since,I was busy having exam , my time for blogging are restricted.Lot's of things I want to write but do not have the time to write any.For example,

I want to talk about our exam,the specific exam that we had each day for 5 days straight.

Second : The SEVEN things about USM hostel (place I currently studying), so that people out there can compare ours with your hostel that you are so proud off.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

My Promise

My exam is near , my hand are shaking,plus my brain and body are tired of thinking how am I gonna study all the notes..hmm...

this is called "hidup mati" business..if I pass my Pro 1 exam I will do nazar that I had planned...
my nazar is just if I pass and proceed to 2nd year.I will bald again and cut off all my Korean-like hair(that's what people says to me) and I will be fasting for a week:the date of fasting is flexible,it just have to be 7 days of fasting.....

I also will donate 2 study table to hostel mosque...
amin , insyaAllah...

so guys,please pray for me ,hope I pass this coming exam with flying colours!!! InsyaAllah God willing...I will succeed....Amin

Sunday, 4 April 2010


Born in June

Foresighted. Get easily worried. Quite talkative. Very friendly. Stylish and fashionable?. Soft spoken and polite. Warm and considerate towards people. Great sense of humor. Quite sensitive. Star in the crowd. Active and visionary thinker. Kind and generous. Loyal lover. Love to debate. Love the finer things of life

i got it from Fb Application..LOVE!!