Friday, 6 August 2010

2nd in penang


2nd day
I had morning shift which is from 8 am till 12.30 pm.It was okay....explaining and other stuffs.
at the afternoon I went to Queens bay Plaza by bus number 304 ,wearing full formal outfit with tie and slack and black shoes!! panas weih!!! amazingly people here in penang were not surprised with our "formal" existence.

at QB I ate like monster! first I ate Loh Mee which is like a yellowish-thick mee with oyster-flavoured sauce.NICE!!! (rm5.50) with orange juice (rm 1.80).

then we when for movie INCEPTION !!! I love this movie,it was superb!!
then I ate RAMEN curry soup with crab ball (rm 4.90):what can i say , it was awesome!!!!

at night,we go to Gurney plaza......what we do?shopping? no!! we eat again!!!
we had pasembor (rm 9.00) with milo ice (rm 1.50)......than we had char kueh teow (rm 3.00)....then we break for awhile...jalan2 at the plaza than ate another pasembor!!! (rm 10.00)!!!

LOVE MAKAN2 here in penang!!!

p/s:balik bilik terus tidur!!!zzzzz .....gemuk....85 kg sudah!!!which is naik 2 kilo!!!!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

my new SEED bag!!

hello guys
currently I'm at USM main campus in penang .We had a health exhibition here as the seniors having their convocation...Today was the first day of exhi,and we will be here at Penang for 5 days!
so please come and visit us,we are at Dewan Kuliah U,USM penang.

for summary,today was okay lor....most of visitors were from sekolah menengah....and I was like
"hai adik2 selamat datang ke convex (sambil bagi pamplet) + cutest smile possible"

ohh for your info, I am incharge in ORAL MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY STATION.We focussed on 3 main topic which is wisdom tooth,temporomandibular joint and Orthognathic surgery.And I'm very please to say that I'm good in explaining!!! hahaha afif hebat!!!

ohh and i had a kebab(rm 2.00) today and roti john(rm 2.30) for lunch it was superb!!!!! for dinner i had nasi campur (rm 2.50) and soya (rm 0.80!!!).Heaven!!!

After maghrib we go shopping !!!

Ohh I bought a new bag!!!
I cannot tahan !!! I love it !! RM 134.10 !!! T.T

a slack rm 60++

that's all lah I think,need to sleep.sorry for long emptiness here in my blog.too busy with study and had no idea what to write.
k guys,bye and stay pristine!!