Sunday, 27 June 2010


Friday, 25 June 2010

Random photos for this week


this week was the most tiring week ever.Lot's of demo and lectures.~.~.Here are some of pics that I took.Last week we study on dental materials and Conservative dentistry.This week conservative and dental public health.What I really shocked in dental public lecture is that we need to memorize toothbrush anatomy,its diameter,materials of toothpaste ,different type of floss..

ooo better I summarize what I studied this week:

in dental materials we study a lot on materials used in dentistry,like amalgam ,composite resin.It is interesting because we know what actually used to cover the cavities(hole in our teeth due to carries).nevertheless,we also study other materials not only for conservative but also materials for dentures etc.

On the other hand,in conservative we study on disease related to dentistry(major one) like carries,gingivitis etc.we study how hole form on our teeth.It's bacteria that cause carries to occur.How to diagnose carries patient.How to manage patient ..We also learn on the devices used for dentist like carver,hand piece,rubber dam and there was one lecture regarding anatomy of tooth(which we already studied last year..but I forgot already..thank you Dr Erlina)haha..^^

In addition,in public health we study how to prevent carries and how to educate public on the importance of oral hygiene.A boring block but a critical knowledge for future dentist.Owh yah we also study various tools for oral are the pictures

amalgam capsule;amalgam are used for filling cavities
(yang tampal warna silver tu amalgam lah)

amalgam mixing machine

Dr Sam (from Indonesia) showing ways on polishing amalgam

one of our demo.We are observing Dr treating patient LIVE by using video lah ...very long session..just imagine for one patient it took 2 hours!!!!


dental public health speciality..Dr Mon Mon Tin Oo hebat ni...

okay that's all,hope that our exam next couple of weeks will be easy..huhu..wish me luck!!!!salam

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

what a nice day


hi , long time no see..well currently I am back in kelantan as SECOND year dental student in USM health campus!!! was a great day for me...the lecture about dental restoration and material really hook me out,but sometimes it make me lost in the darkness of "not focusing'!! :D
and well today we have class on dental instruments ,ala like those you see on dental clinic,one instrument that really make me excited is the mirror!!!!you know the mirror right,the one dentist use to look inside your mouth....haha..I am super excited...but the excited falls like a star falling due to gravity when we need to recognise the head was spinning at that time,plus the nurse babbling so fast!!!! ~.~
at the end we did get through of it and we did excellently ...thanks to everyone that really work are some of the things we do at that class:
  • coming late due to slow walk at the pavement(wearing white coat=that explain why..ok fine!!!! show off!!!)
  • fuhh matron(head of nurse) has not yet arrived...fuhh!!! :D
  • we are assign at our own specific table to do our own dental thingy later include table,chair,light,dummies(to practice on),drawer(???well it is not ordinary drawer!!it special),teeth(wajib),.....etc....its hard to explain everything ..later I upload pic...
  • demos on how using those super damn expensive set of tools to learn dentistry 0.0
  • memorizing (this was easy......emm yala tuh)
  • done walk back to room with white coat still on and move like a doctor(wakakaka....again show off even though there is no other people there except me...)
there it is,,,,need to study guys...happy 2 always...xoxoxo