Monday, 17 September 2012

Random with afif

Hello and a very good evening ladies and gentlemen,
Since today I have tons of leisure time which I normally didn't have.So I decided to do some grooming session,so I just finished editing Blog Template and it looks like a new born baby now.And  if you noticed , my writing is smoother (of course you wouldn't) that is due to my NEW keyboard that I bought .*yay
I should bought a keyboard million years ago instead of typing using the coolest wackiest, uncomfotable mac book keypad~urgh..why I am being dumbxx for 3 years....

But hey ,It's been long since I had any post in this blog.Been lazy and I promised my self to at least to update once in a while so that my friends , families and random readers would get a piece of update or getting their time wasted reading my blog.*yay?

Talking about "random". I'm gonna change my blog name to "random with diva  afif" instead of Pristine and grandeur because I think the name previously not suited for this dusty,tua, and a totally random blogpost.kan?

oh oh oh,Please find me at tumblr too

and I'm "active" or you can say a devoted instasocail at instagram compare to any other social media out there.

So how about starting the first random post with a random picture?

1.packing machine~! taken during packing our dental instruments.

2.Me with "TUATU" which I bought at Jonker walk.


Sunday, 1 January 2012

2012 !

Happy New Year Peeps!!!
wow times really go faster than I thought this past 1 year....I can't recall what did I do this past 12 months......hmmmm..#memorylost
but no worries,eventhough time flies ,we did use it...either we were happy with it or not....ONE thing for sure,we need to be grateful for getting the chance to live on this earth for 1 whole year even if we go through hardness and toughness ,we go through it all and there is nothing better than getting to live another day in the year after.......Syukur :)
from the bottom of my heart,happy new year citizens of the earth~~!!