Tuesday, 4 August 2009

biochemical n physiology lab

taking blood after centrifugation...

taking blood sample.
it's easy.
let go
3 simple steps.

centrifugation machine.
this was the first time i met with this 'guy'.
i'm very proud with usm.
coz,the device are all up to date..
not like my older scholl(ahhhhhh..hate those times)

blood after centrifugated
This device is for calculating the amount of RBC(red blood cell).
to know whether haemolysis process take place or not.
it use some sort of light to penetrate blood solution.

how to be a good user of microscope?
2.be like afif
3.you wish you are like afif

some of the raw materials that were used today.
this experiment done to show the existent of carbohydrates.
very basic experiment.
nothing special.
very useful in clinical:diabetic patient,hypertension

the reality of universities in malaysia:
females outnumbered MALEs!!!!

wondering what it is?
this is erythrocytes in isotonic solution.
'cantik kan?'.this erythrocytes is moving !!!eventhough it is under microscope.(i mean after the preparation of slide)

hands of the future dentists.><

test tube for blood testing.

tip.for taking blood from test tube.
to prevent contamination


Lihin said...

ur session seem to be a lot fun n enjoyable compare to us..he2..nothing much differ,it's still da same right?(ape yg penting?"ENJOY OUR DAY")..hu3..

afif=shafie said...

no..aper yang penting..kerjasamer...haha

best kan lihin....the best part of all to see nad feel those centrifugation machine.

if you are a bio student than u will know.
bcoz,centrifugation machine is like something that are special in doing research and all.

huhu.love bio.

EdoraEmon said...

gilak hebat jugak uni kamu tuh. uni kami kena beli test tube sendiri nie bha
sampai berkulat2 lah lab dia tuh. huhu~

afif=shafie said...

astaga iya kah??

Anonymous said...

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afif=shafie said...


Anonymous said...

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