Sunday, 31 May 2009


well NS stand for National service,dalam bm plkn(program latihan khidmat negara)

mcm mana dpt idea nih?well,tadi ternampak gmbar2 lama plkn ni jadi trus ketawa sorang2 tengok gambar2 tuh.Jadi afif nak kongsi dgn semua orang pengalaman afif kat NS.Memang best banyak lawak nya.

afif sedar yang ni benda adalah bende lama , tapi afif saja jer nak bagi glimpse kat orang luar tuh yg pandang serong kat NS nih.Afif cakap memang best saat plkn tuh ,paling manis ialah bila sampai afif dpt anugerah Pelatih Terbaik lagi u.Haaaaa, jgn main2.Bestkan!?wah best.

Actually ,memang afif tak nak pg benda nih .Tapi , apa boleh buat.Memang best lah!

ini just permulaan jer.a.k.a mukadimah jer.Lepas nih afif post lagi ekk banyak pasal NS nih.

surat tawaran ker USM!!!

Friday, 29 May 2009

Choral Speaking "The Champion"

Hi,this is the Choral Speaking Presentation entitled "The Champion".
This video are recorded during the biology week .
Plus,this is an interesting video for student or people to learn the cycle of human reproduction.
So, i hope from the bottom of my heart for you to enjoy the video like I did.

That all.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

this video is about the choral speaking that i record.The choral speaking entitled "the champion".A story about the succesfull journey of the SPERMS .Must see!!!

Shell second interview at MIRI....

well the interview when fine as i hope.This interview was held after u pass the first interview.and this is second interview after the phone interview that i have been through.In that interview, i think i can do it better.We stay 3 days and 2 night at Miri.The 2nd day we are there ,aha...the interview started...well hell like always i am the lucky number one.
The interview goes in 2 session each with its cabaran.
The 1st session was hard, u are given few sheets of paper that contain lots of info about ur company n everything....sakit kepala aku...n u only given like 45 minutes.Well, u need to present ur Rn D with the ancessor(interviewer) later on.Aha,i pull out my oil pastel and do like mind map...(u only given a4 paper) there is my extra mark...huhu...then u need to present all af u R n D in 5 minutes!!...hell yah...5 minutes!!!...its just too short n i have like 12 sheet of colourful paper to present...and im like o.m.g........there will be 2 ancessor......(nice n handsome)...oklah not too hard n too u know beast-like...after like 5 minutes u will be ask soo many question and takes like 20 to 40 minutes if im not many question n here u need to show more of ur brilliant idea n everything that u got.......
there is one time i dont have idea n he ask my bussines theme n i say with full confidence "my bussiness theme is bussiness n LOVE"...hua3 in my mind im like(omg soo stupid of me)......hahhaha......n there is one time i said..."dahhhhh,its the reality in the bussiness world where we need to work our ASS out there"hua3.............(soo funny if i remeber it,till now i still cant forget that moment)
2nd session is where u are discussing.....who are taking MUET(malaysia university english test) it will help u alot coz it do not differ soo much actually.....first u n ur partner ,the two of u will disscuss about the project that is given to my time it was about social work where shell donour money....and the story begins....
(the session will be observe by the ancessor)..after the two of you finish ur work....n the time is up...u will meet two other candidates from other room n they will join u....n disscus again about the project.then the fights begin!!!!!....after all of those hard battles against each other...the ancessor will act like a reporter n asking question abaout the project n u need to answer it...its hard but oklah for me...
its a nice exp....
and that its...i hope i give u some of the view of what gonna happen in second Shell interview after the phone interview.........remember u need to pass the phone interview before u can be called for this 2nd luck n all d best!!!