Monday, 10 May 2010

Siapa cakap Botak tak comel?


Guys,I'm bald again !! yay si Botak kembali mengganas....haha....well,to tell you the truth,I'm kinda sad looking my hair fallen to the floor....huaaaa...but I am glad I done my hair in that(if I tell you , you will not even know it,kampung punya saloon= RM7.00) saloon....really nice...
My hair even have that line macam pilak tuh...hoho..yup I am one of the pilak call me afif botak will never imagine how long they do the line on my hair(lama gilak!) even their boss came and do my hair instead of that dark barber...
later I will load the picture computer back here at home is very malas mau cucuk2 pendrive nanti jammed .....k thing for sure I like my hair soo much,and i look good with it(I hope)

until next post......bye..:D

p/s:heesyam cakap dulu time aku gumuk botak macam buddha...sekarang?hehe..macam tapir...hohoho

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Home Sweet home


this is my first post since I been back here in Sabah.It felt so good to be back here in Sabah.There not so many changes happen here .Oh we have another cat in the house!! it's called Puteh (what a typical name for white coloured cat,right?)

Oh I forgot to mention that when I arrived at the KKIA my parents didn't recognise me!they thought I am someone else...OK fine....their excuse are because of my Korean hair like...hmmm....:D

Yesterday, we had a Health Family Day where most(not all) Papar Hospital Staff join the program with their family.My mum were one of the committee for that day and we had a stall where we sells drinks,kueh mueh,nasi lemak and some of my mums health products (untuk promosi kunun).This event really made my day (sebab ndak lah bosan di rumah jak kan).haha.
Plus,some of the people recognise me and says
"wah,ada sudah Doktor dalam family"
"wah besarnya anak kau mah"(T.T)
"wah nanti kalau ada anak saya sakit gigi sa pg tempat kau ahh":D
I am so glad I am a DENTAL STUDENT cause I think I choose the road that is not taken by many people and I think I already choose the right decision to stay as a dental student.Not all willing to be a dentist right?handling mouth everyday will be boring for some.As for myself I think I will be bored if I just studied Dental syllabus only,thank God that in USM we also studied Medic as well.That enriched my life with soo many medical knowledge.
Owh I forgot to mention here in my blog that I pass my Medic PRO 1 exams.That's mean I did not need to repeat another year and study all the first year syllabus all over again!!!and I will be 2nd year next sem.!!!! yay...clap clap!!! there were 36 medic student failed and 4 dental student that fails the sad right?hmm what to do,life goes on right?
Here I would like to thank Allah for answering my prayer,mom(happy mothers day) , dad, siblings,babu,buncu,friends that always be there for me....thank you all.....I will never did well if not from all your support that makes me strong every day...

I would really love to be an good role model to my junior....I met one of junior at KLIA...he's like taller than me(sigh)...and darker (yay)..haha....he just finish SPM so now he's going to KMPP(kolej matrikulasi pulau pinang)....I know most of MRSM student target ting to be an "oversea" student that is what our school good at...and the reality is even though all the student were excellent there will be still quota or percentage of student that can be sent to oversea....right?therefore the students that are not able to go there(oversea) need to be worry lah...there still lots of ways to study abroad...not only JPA or MARA..there is still MUIS,SHELL.......and plus,University in Malaysia in not bad at still can be OKAY if you go to matriculation or college or form 6.....
there is still hopes for you anyhow...just wait...maybe it is not your rezeki yet....just be strong and study hard k...and always remember HIM,the almighty.....

until next post....bye..:D

Monday, 3 May 2010

cry me a river

Love korean dram a lot!!!! I cry like a baby(yes I am sensitive)....Don't tell others that I cried okay?only close people around me know that.....:P

Sunday, 2 May 2010



Since my exam is done ,It's the time for me to pack my things as I am foing back to SABAH!!!!yay,isn't it nice?hoho...i know,I am excited!!!

Today , I buy quite highly cost things in Pasar siti Khadijah (that is very famous).I bought serunding , dodol , keropok for my family and jeans,petai for my self.
Oh,I saw there were seller that still selling turtle egg (telur penyu)....I am so devastated seeing people pass by and just buying it like it is no one business .Hello!! that is turtle lah not chicken....and why Muslim can eat it since it is one of the 2 alam animals??(if like that,better eat snake or frog eggs) right?maybe they have their own reasons why they are selling those all back to us consumer.If there are demands from the consumers ,for sure people are selling it right,So please be a good consumer/customer.There is no need to publish campaign of rebelling or stopping THIS practice if our eyes are darken by the yolk of the turtle egg.

By the way,I just done arranging my notes as it when chaoticly misplace everywhere in my room.Plus,I snaps some pictures for my post about my exam as dental student.I am sure you will be amazed or at least show some respect to doctors out there that survive those hard days of studying to become a doctor.RESPECT them!!! wait for that entry okay??!!!:D

ok till next you :D
oh and I am