Sunday, 28 February 2010

4 Facts about Men breast and nipple

1 out of 4 breast cancer patient are men.(WHO)

Assalamualaikum and Hello my lovely readers.

Men breast,yes today the post is about men breast.What is men Breast? anatomically men breast is the protruding part of the upper part of men chest, and it also include one little "dots" that we defined as nipple.There are four interesting facts about men breast.

1.Why man have breast and nipple? and what are their function in men? In women , it is obvious the major function of it is clear for breastfeeding right?In men however there is no obvious function.

Darwin (the one that assume mankind evolve from monkey) proposed that male mammals once shared the job providing milk to their young , but there is no evidence found published in books yet.But what are facts for now,there are species like:
  • Monotremes:duck-billed platypus and echidna;the males have highly developed nipples.
  • Mamillary Sexual Dimorphism:horse and rodents;the female got nipple but male do not.(wow!)
Ok,back to human being.In Human,in the earliest week of human development,the male and female embryo follow a virtually identical development characteristics.Then,about 7 weeks,the production of testosterone(male hormone) kicks in and the male is different anatomically from the female .By then,it is too late ; nipple are already formed in both sexes.That is how man have nipple and breast.:D

2.Next ,man boobs.Man boobs is a term to reflect a man with boobs,meaning a big breast and nipple like women.It is due to imbalance in the endocrine(cell that produce hormone) that cause gynecomastia - enlargement of the male breast.

ya kawan-kawan,ini breast lelaki

there are 3 types of gynecomastia :

asymmetry gynecomastia

Pubertal onset

Puffy Nipple

surgery is done to correct it

bikin geli kan?

3.In addition,do men produce milk?Yes ! but not in normal men.It is called galactorhea.Milk will be produce if there are certain element like nipple stimulation and hormonal changes.Actually, men have thee necessary equipment to produce milk but it's suppress by male hormone.

check the video here

4.Fourth interesting facts about men breast ( or should I say men chest) is cosmetic surgery!!!


answer at the end of post

the answer:the chest looks tougher and bolder right?It is because something are surgically implanted inside their chest.(cantikan....sorry tak detail pasal implant-penat deh)

I wish I had one to..

That's all!!!thank you for reading.I hope you get something new from this entry.Stay Pristine as always!!

p/ tired editing and writing this post....:D

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

quickie post

hello readers

Do you know why my blog names is Pristine And Grandeur? Well I started blogging during my spm holidays.It all thanks to Harry Potter novels : Half Blood Prince ( I only read Harry potter novels and some of robinson crusoe sama timulak kapal perang?consider as novel kah tuh hahha).

I have a habit when I found some words that I do not know what it means I will wrote it down in my "Vocab" a.k.a buku conteng hahah.
So here it is Pristine and Grandeur and it simply means fresh and grand because I really want to make my Blog fresh , enjoyable to read and can give information to others with my own way of writing.(tinggi kan harapan,hoho)

owh I got B for my selanjar tiga for medical exam.Syukur aku lulus semua ujian medic.after this we gonna have our PRO exam on 25 April 2010.

1st day -10 essay questions
2nd day-10 essay questions
3rd day-OSPE (macam soalan praktikal)
4th day-multiple choice question(50 of them)
5th day-multiple choice question(again 50 of the)

ohh I wanna promote Nikki Pallikat .She is one of my top listed singer in Malaysia.Her songs is superb!the best in malaysia !
Her Newest album is Hawa,I search her album sampai Kl ahh..sold out...T.T

Nikki with his husband Audi Mok(courtesy of Nikki fan page on facebook)

jadi I comment lah on Nikki Wall at facebook.Then she reply we can buy it online.I'm like yay.So I email her manager a.k.a his husband Audi Mok.He told me that the album wont reprint if there is no big demand from customer so he give me link to download the album(FULL!!!!)


jatuh hatiku (cair/melt/kembang?) dapat dengar lagu beliau.Tup tap tup tap ....Suddenly I feel sad because kan walaupun suara and Nikki punya suara sedap and music dia world class masih lagi Malaysian tidak nampak penyanyi yang hebat ini.
Tolong lah kalau orang Malaysia tidak sokong artis yang bersusah payah making this work of masterpiece siapa lagi?mamat endon,bangla belakang rumah,or orang gaji pilak???.If you tidak ambil peduli.Itu satu kerugian!!!!!!

So saya afif shafie promote Nikki Palikat !!!mana tau lepas nih ada peminat baru...kan3...dengar lah satu kali .tak rugi pun....owh untuk pengetahuan Nikki pernah sekolah di matriks labuan!!

owh here the link of the album...


ok afif ..Study!!!!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

men breast

men breast.
This is my topic for our oral presentation.
more detail on the next entry.
tunggu yer....

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Day Out:Muzium Kelantan


hey I just finish watching America's next top model season 3 for the 2nd time(means no studying=menyesal di kemudian hari).
It's the best cycle ever!Love the holidays .Alone ,but it's calming when you are alone(having lot's of time for me to think! on multiple stuffs)
I decorate my study wall with orange wallpaper!!isn't awesome(I done something beneficial during holiday,,,,yay!!!*cheers*)

nah nothing special happen actually,I like the fact that I had extra sleep everyday
(sesuatu yg membanggakan!)hoho
enough talking crap here are pics taken during our trip to muzium kelantan..

trip to muzium Kelantan.

well,it's muzium.The best way to know something is by knowing it's history.

car that we rent for that particular day.6 hour for rm 35!!( is it cheap,is it mahal? dont ask me, I don't know either)

batu bersurat

Old Quran

Sultan's Thingy,I cant remember it's name.sorry

Kota Bharu Airport during 60s , 70s time.

wau,an type of kite made by local .It will produce sound kinda like singing when it fly
up in the sky

(old ones)using charcoal to make it hot.



tradisional kelantan congkak made from wood.

view from above

there are Hinduism element that influence art in kelantan

tools to make puppet for wayang kulit
(oh do you now they used cow skin as the major material?)

glue,brush,colour,bamboo stick

wayang kulit from inside

wayang kulit from front

I like this photo,remind me of DSLR