Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Gift from Ayah

U may think why I post this kind of things in my BLOG.U also may think that im trying to show off my THINGS.Well,its quite complicated.
All of this things is from my dad or I called "Ayah".Thats make this thing special for me.
We come from a average family , that u wont have what do you want just by wishes or dream.It takes like soo many years to have something like this.And i am very grateful to have my family now and this gift from him is just hmmmm,unbelievable.
And I dont expect anything what he gonna give me at that time.And I really hope that it is a handphone or something electronic I suppose. Plus,this thing is more special becoz it come from my father that sometimes very stinky.
Haha,at the end of the day .I really love those bag and watch.HUHU..... Ohh,forgot to mention that the bag is from Alaine Delon (if im not mistaken) worth RM 200++ and the watch cost like RM 400++.

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