Monday, 31 August 2009

Stupidest Homosapien eating CAT

stupid ACT ! BODOH!
KURANG ajar !

teda benda lain nak MAKAn?!!haaaaaaaa?

aku rasa dorang nih ada masalah dgn otak dorang nih.....




punyalah banyak makanan.....tak cukup kah ayam ,babi,ikan segala.....
grrr...pelik aku...

there are lots of thing out there....

tapi ko pilih Kucing juga...apa kena dgn kau wahai manusia???haa!!!

nak sangat mkn benda pelik?
makan najis sendiri...itu paling pelik..ngam dgn otak bodoh kau!
p/s:sorry emotional:sakit hati sangat!

ohh kuih penyaram mom sent lots of kueh - mueh kering from sabah.But then i just realize it 3 days after it landed here at USM.

so one of it's kuih:penyaram ,some say penjaram....(depends on district).....

so, just imagine 3 days for posting,+ 3 days = 6 days...

resulting in mould in my kueh penyaram....huhu...very sedih nih....

cian kuih tuh..klu satu bolehlah buang ..tapi ni 3 plastik!=rm 6.00 ...

plus,it was my mother who sent it and that makes it incrediblely special for me.><


Friday, 28 August 2009


skeleton CLASS

okay,let's i study about skeleton..
so,i wanna share a bit about this thing..
i wont go detail..because i dont have time,plus,it is just for your own general knowledge

sternum and pectoral girdle

skull and set of vertebrae...7,12,5,5,4

ulna(having trochlea notch) and radius(smaller one)

clavicle and scapula


okay that's all for now.see you in the next class..hehe


DDS student=doctor of dental surgeon

this was organised by our leader,wafi..
all the muslims were enjoying the foods ,,
most of the foods are bazaar ramadhan punya species

it's quite enjoyable at that moment when we are not focusing only on studying..(at all)
hope gonna do this event more often...

regards afif,

p/s:buka puasa in english apa?

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


eating honey to get extra glucose for brain.

It's already 2.07 am.
but i am now doing my experiment to study all night long...

the rules are simple: facebook
3.if sleepy,try a way.if cant focus jugak.sleep for like 10 minutes and study again.

reasons: time to study
2.exam nak dekat!!!takut
3.just making an experiment.if it is possible.ill do it everydaylah..hehe....

actually,i'm not use to stay up all night except for high school(MRSM).one of the reason is makhluk yg mengerikan.second is lonely.but i'm thinking,now is bulan ramadhan,so,all the makhluk are cuti!..hehe

p/s:to all blog readers,please pray for me as i am very desperate for all of your prayer..hopefully,i will get excellent result.....amin

Sunday, 23 August 2009

my name

this is the meaning behind my arabic name.
i feel very weird because my name having meaning that i dont ever imagine i would have.
anyway,i love my name:cute+simple+me

Afif = Yang bermaruah عفيف
Syafi = Yang menyembuhkan شافي

Friday, 21 August 2009

2 pelajar UniMAP maut nahas

middle:calvin,most right:edgar

KANGAR: Dua pelajar Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) terbunuh manakala tiga lagi cedera parah selepas kereta yang mereka naiki terbabas dan merempuh tiang lampu di bulatan Pesiaran Jubli Emas di sini awal hari ini.

Menurut jurucakap polis, mangsa yang terbunuh dalam kejadian pukul 12.50 pagi tadi dikenali sebagai Muhammad Syafiq Izuddin Mohd Baharum dan Edgar Emerald Frederick, kedua-dua pelajar tahun pertama berusia 19 tahun.

Katanya Muhammad Syafiq Izuddin, yang berasal dari Pontian, Johor, meninggal dunia di tempat kejadian manakala Edgar, dari Miri, Sarawak, meninggal dunia di Hospital Tuanku Fauziah di sini pada 6.20 pagi tadi.

Tiga pelajar yang cedera parah ialah pemandu kereta,Calvin Kabin Chong dari Ranau, Sabah, Naisardian Shah Mohammad dari Kota Kinabalu, Sabah dan seorang pelajar perempuan Aini Ftihan Mohd Sabilan dari Johor. - Bernama

p/s:edgar is my friend at kml.he is really nice ,handsome,caring.his lost is really a shocking moment for update,calvin(driver) also died on 20 aug, 8.45pm...

p/s:can we give an Al-fatihah for non-muslim?

Thursday, 20 August 2009


Tadi tiba2 mama aku minta email aku..
then,mama aku suruh tengok email aku..

mama aku hantar e-card hari ramadhan..

to abang.....from mama...
habis jak aku baca tuh....
aku terus sebak...
blogging ni pun masih lagi sebak...

entahlah,walaupun sekadar e-card.
ianya amat bermakna bagi aku.
aku sayang mak aku sangat...

Dia lah tujuan aku buat yang terbaik dalam pelajaran aku selepas Allah.
aku mo bahagiakan dia sebelum terlambat.
aku sayang sangat.

aku tak nak jadik anak yang tak sempat bagi apa2 kat parents dia.
aku nih jenis yang sensitif.
lebih lagik kalo pasal mama.

bila ingat mama jer.
mesti terbayang harapan mama.
boleh katakan aku nih anak mama lah.
dan aku bangga jadi anak mama.
mama aku the best!

one of my prinsip

"aku mo bahagiakan parents sebelum terlambat"

dan selalu aku teringat prinsip aku mesti menangis.
iyalah kan.mana ada orang hidup selamanya.

tadi pagi ada sms dari kawan aku ,cerita pasal si Edgar(kawan kml fizik)
meninggal dunia di langkawi sebab car accident.
dan menyebabkan aku teringat lagik aku punya prinsip.

satu hari nih sebak..

then tiba2....mak aku call lepas aku baca e-card dia.
"sudah baca bang"
"sudah mak,sedih abang mak baca card tuh"

aku ndak dapt tahan lagik..dari saat tuh sampai sekarang masih lagik mencurah-curah air mata aku nih...

kau lah penyeri hidupku.
aku sayang sangat sama mama.

tidak dapat aku bayangkan hidup tanpa mama.
Rahma Bte Momin.

dari anakmu

Uni Life of a dental student

i never thought that uni life is this hard,living in a life that always a rush hour every single minute.Plus,as dental student :feeling restless is common already:not enough sleep,busy with study.
hmm,i want to share my life as a dental student here at usm.Firstly,I am the one that wanted this course soo much in the beginning .but i do not even had imagined that the syllabus will be this hard.
here we are exam based education,means our exam is our key for our own future.A,B,C are the grade to pass.and F for fail.
During first year,we have selanjar(ujian)1,2 and 3 (for dental) + selanjar1,2 and 3 (for medic)+Pro exam(final exam)=7 exam(@.@)

here we do not use the pointer system that are widely used in other university.idk for other U(university) in malaysia.But courses that related to Dr(doctor) use only pass or fail system.

seems easy right?some say"just pass what , what are the big problem?"just pass?my brain start to recall back the notice board i saw just now.

it was the result of our senior that were already get their result on their first selanjar.for your info,what i can say.HORRIBLE!!!!SCARY!!!!AHHH!!!!...

mostly F!!!just imagine F!

i am very like "For God sake,is this for real?!"the student here is not alang2 one.all pun yang very the clever one ,that are flying color student.Hmm,if we are at school right.we are like aiming to get A.but here,all the medical and dental student want to PASS is just Hard or should i say Harder than getting an A's.

idk about you.but it's sound very challengig for me.HUHU.wish me the best.

hmm.well that it's for now.i want to continue my study.

until next post.bye.

Monday, 17 August 2009

one plastic of fruits

the most common fruit in Kelantan.
not to forget Durian.
love them soo much.

kita makan dulu.
ty to mohd darul adnin(roomate) for the awesome fruits.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Death is Destiny:importante de read

forward by ain natasia, cha byakuya, zalikha, nea and atiqah rahim

Pengalaman orang yang ade family dijangkiti H1N1.
Untuk panduan bersama.
Based on my colleague experience.
Please spread the story.

High risk infection to person yg smooking, has atshma, children, pregnant woman

Beginner stage
Batuk, selsema, demam, sakit tekak, bila terbesin bunyi tak kuat.

Second Stage
Susah bernafas, simtom macam asthma but not asthma, at this stage if you touch the person, or breath in the same room 80% boleh kena. masa ni kena kuarantin at hospital.

Masalahnya sekarang dah ramai yg kena. hospital tak cukup katil & bilik kuarantin. Bila u pengsan macam nak mati baru dia org admitted. macam kes adik I. Critical Lung infection. Bila X ray we can see the virus covered the lung. Like my brother case. Very scary bila tengok x ray tu. At this stage u need oksigen with highest level, Strongest antivral. very high drug. At least 7 days oksigen kena bagi. % to recover depend to age, imune badan u. That's why kalau baby atau budak2 susah nak kata. normally die. My brother hari ni genap 8 hari. still need oksigen. Kesian dia. Masa tahap critical tu tercungap2 dia bernafas, sampai menangis. Sampai satu tahap dia berguling atas simen sbb dah tak tahan. sampai dia give up. sampai dia blh cakap lebih baik Allah ambik nyawa dia. Itu lelaki tu. imagine kalau pompuan atau budak2. We all cuma blh tengok dia dari cermin. tak blh masuk dlm bilik kuarantin. Dr & nurse aje boleh masuk. siap pakai baju plastik. To support him, what we did bagi sms, bagi dia Al-Quran biar dia baca so that dia tenang, bagi tasbih biar dia zikir ingat Allah & bagi Air yasin. Alhamdulillah pastu dia ok sikit. Ada hikmahnya. All the family member unite to support my brother fighting the virus.

Masalahnya hospital swasta tak terima H1N1 case, sekarang ni semua depend hospital kerajaan yg most of the doctors still young . The oldest dr in my brother ward was 28 years. All the Otai dah pergi private. Lepas tu plak this is the first time to treat H1N1 patient. At the same time dr bz with other case as well. 1 doktor 5 patient kat gov hospital. kesian dr2 tu. berhempas pulas nak selamatkan patient. I appreciate them, mmg very appreciate dia org jaga adik i dgn baik sekali. So far hospital Ampang is the best goverment hospital yg i jumpa. very efficient.Very quick action. Even senior dia org dah pergi private & they don't have much experience, dia org tetap work hard give the best treatment to the patients. sampai tak balik rumah. tidor kat hospital.Rasa nak peluk & cium dia org sebab selamatkan adik I. DMU tak best lah lepas nie.sunyi sepi.

Take care & be careful with H1N1. Virus tu very strong. sape kena memang suffer nak recover. No vaksin. cuma ada antiviral & our mental warrior to fight them. Very genius virus. Can hide in our body. difficult to detect. Only can detect thru swap which the cost is 1K above. Unable detected in blood as well. When they start action. Can kill the person if the body imune does not strong.

For those have baby atau anak2, U & ur family do not go to crowded place, better wear mask when u outside from home. The vaksin will come to Msia in Nov-Dec. So far yg I nampak hanya lelaki dewasa can fight the virus. woman might be 70% , children most probably will die.

p/s:actually the uses of mask are wrongly exposed to public by some peoples.mask is only effective for person suffering diseases like cough,flu ,'s not suitable for person that are healthy because the mask is preventing droplets out not IN..(that is for common mask)....
but,there is mask out there that are effective like yg mcm orang pegi pasang bom asap tuh and oxygen mask ....k...tq

Friday, 14 August 2009

take 5

once upon a time..
11.45 pm
study grouping with friends
a little cutie kitten grab our intention..

the kitten refused to take picture with me...><
moving here and there
afraid of height kot

haha..force it to look at the camera..say meowww

the end,the natural way to make her stay still...

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Dear Miss,
hmm.nothing else can be done except study here in usm.
this course are really tiring.but i love It.lots of memorizing and related to human syllabus.

i wonder if i take i love earth sciences?do i love math?do i love chemistry?nope, the answer.

but,looking forward to the future .I'm thinking about the profession that i will be doing most time of my life.
if i stay ,I'll be doing job that are very relax.seating on chair and waiting patient to come to me.
"yes,may i help you?"i always want to say

plus,i love smiling to in usm,i always keep on smiling ,and the patient all smile back and make me happy.^^.

but if o go to shell.i will improve my DR in front of my name.but having a big salary is my 'cita2' as well.there i will always travel to find and observe the beautiful creation of GOD:Earth.

but then,it is really hard for me to make any decision now.i got exam next week:selanjar 1 dental.and it's hard cooping with all of this at the same time.

i want to do the solat istikarah,but then i forgot to do it last night.huhu. matter how my life turn out.i will struggle ! and will get the best from both world(mcm hannah montana punya lirik)lol.

Ty miss pristine and grandeur for listening.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

my second published stories

35 youths awarded scholarships


KOTA KINABALU: The interview was gruelling, challenging a chief inspector's son and other scholarship aspirants to think quickly and stand out during a group question-and-answer session.

Afif Shafie Abd Samad, 19, impressed the panel of interviewers, and will soon be heading to Leeds University in Britain to study geology on a scholarship from Shell.

"We were given pages of information, which we had to quickly analyse and later we had to speak in a group interview.

"It was tough and I am so happy that I won this scholarship.

"My parents would not have been able to afford sending me overseas," the eldest of four children said.

Afif's father heads the Tanjung Aru police station, near here, and his mother works as a nurse at a government hospital.

He was among 35 people from Sabah who were awarded scholarships by Shell to pursue tertiary education locally and overseas. In addition, 200 students received bursaries to help them through their secondary education.

Two other recipients, Kerry Hsu, 19, and Didi Ooi Sher Mey, 19, will head for University of Bristol in the UK to study chemistry and geology, respectively.

Although excited at the idea of studying overseas, they did not think that they did well in the interview and were surprised when they received the offer. The trio were met after Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman presented them with their scholarships at Universiti Malaysia Sabah, here on Friday.

copy from NST(new straits time)

woman killed just because of wearing VEIL(tudung)

Seorang wanita Muslim Mesir di bunuh di dalam mahkahmah Jerman, apa anda fikir?


Kisah menyanyat hati ini berlaku minggu lepas. Kisahnya begini, seorang muslimat Mesir di Jerman, Marwa Al-Sherbini, yang pada Ogos 2008 telah memfailkan saman kepada jirannya yang menggelarnya sebagai 'Terrorist', kerana beliau berhijab.Diulang, beliau digelar 'Pengganas', kerana beliau B.E.R.T.U.D.U.N.G. !!

Maka setelah mendengar hujah kedua-dua pihak pada Rabu minggu lepas, mahkamah mendapati lelaki, yakni jiran kepada Marwa tadi bersalah, dan dikehendaki membayar denda 2800 Euro.

Anda tau apa berlaku sesudah itu?

Lelaki ini telah menerkam ke arah Marwa, dan menikam mangsa 18 kali!! Ya, anda tak salah baca, memang 18 kali, dan yang paling teruk, Marwa ditikam sehingga mati, sambil beliau memeluk anaknya. Dan Marwa ketika itu mengandung 4bulan...tragis bukan?

However last Wednesday, Alex stabbed her 18 times to death in a German courtroom after the judges announced she won the case against him, and that he had to pay 2,800 Euros as a fine for his previous insults. Lagi di sini.

Belum cukup tragis, ada lagi. Suami Marwar yang melihat isterinya ditikam terus menerkam ke arah lelaki tadi, dan....


...akhirnya suaminya juga ditikam 3 kali. Nah. Tidak cukup dengan itu, pengawal keselamatan yang 'melihat' kejadian tadi telah bertindak menembak suami Marwar. Nah...ini baru betul2 tragis.

Sekarang anda fikir, bagaimana logik seorang perempuan ditikam 18kali di dalam mahkamah, tanpa ada seorang pun yang bertindak menyelamatkan wanita ini, melainkan suaminya, yang akhirnya kerkesudahn ditembak.

Logik atau tidak anda mengambil masa hanya 1 saat untuk menikam 18 kali? Cuba anda tikam angin 18 kali, berapa lama masa yang anda ambil, tikam secepat mungkin. Malah 1 saat untuk 1 tikaman pun sukar dicapai. Maka tidakkah anda terfikir kenapa reaksi manusia di situ terlalu lembab? Bengong bukan.

Seorang pemerhati telah berkata tentang suami Marwa, "Dia bukan seorang yang berambut perang, jadi dia tentu penyerangnya." Ya, ini logik pada pandangan mereka. Tapi sesekali tidak bagi kita.

Itu isu pertama, isu kedua adalah mengapa seakannya media barat cuba menutup isu ini. Langsung tidak dihebohkan. Adakah kerana darah orang Islam tidak sama dengan darah mereka? Ermm..logik bukan. Hanya orang yang gila sahaja percaya ini.

Mungkin ada antara yang membaca entri ini berfikir bahawa ini hanya isu kecil, mengapa
perlu dihebohkan. Ada bukan? Ini bukan soal peka semata-mata, cuba anda fikir, kalau Marwa boleh ditikam 18 kali dalam mahkamah, 'tanpa disedari' maka adakah mungkin mereka2 ini menyedari pembunuhan demi pembunuhan yang berlaku nun di Gaza, di Tebing Barat, di Darfur, dan yang terbaru di China. Atau ada antara anda yang masih tidak tahu saudara kita dibunuh di China. Ya, logik la sikit kalau anda tidak tahu, sebab semua pembunuhan tadi berlaku di luar mahkamah.

Wallahu a'lam.from=

i wanna add some more.i want to share how the west media :electronic,mass ,magazine really affect how people around the world see islam.

First case:Marwa Al-Sherbini,a wife that follows her husband to German .Living by wearing a Tudung .have 1 children and she is pregnant at the time she was killed.

Second case:MJ ,michael jackson.died as a muslim.

these 2 cases are really related with media and muslim.why?just see by your own really obvious that media do not want islam to look good in the eyes of the world.

just imagine how people would know the death of MJ as muslim.It will make a great dakwah to lots of people out there..right?

plus,the death of marwa is really tears-dropping .just imagine 18 stabs!!!!!!what kind of human in that court ? a stone statue or something stupid?'s really like the whole court are the killer of marwa.then,there were fews news about her death.the woman who fight for islam.for her right to wear a tudung in German!.HER own RIGHT!!!!!

the one that be the headline are only related to the story about islam and terorist,islam and polygamy, islam and bom.Pls lah.stop it.I am a muslim,and i am really depressed on how media manipulate the vision of world view on islam.

i am hoping that the non-muslim out there dont easily make the conclusion that islam is bad .because what you heard,see,read in media about islam is not all true.

yes i admit ,not all muslims are good..but dont blame islam for that.

for example.if I stab your eyes with fork.which one do you blame?me or the fork?
of course me right.because i am the one using the fork in the wrong way .and the fork have nothing to do with my willing to stab your eyes.

I am hoping in the future islam will be better respected.not only by muslims but also non-muslims.and i hope that this issue will end like a beautiful butterfly coming out from it's coccoon.


FAILED=Jumping Shots

it is funny right?
.Seeing people trying soo hard to make a perfect shot.
everybody ,i mean had or have the desire to do a jumping shot right?
here are some of pictures that i found very funny until it makes my stomach hurt.
look the guy in the middle.trying SO hard to push himself to the air.(lol)
even though he is looking like having a chronic stomach pain..haha
and the girl in white.just seems SO helpless with her hand in the air
"owh help me pls!!"
and the girl in red jacket....hahahahha....
seems like it was not jumping at all.


below are some of the most funny picture trailer i had ever saw.
this picture show ,how difficult it is to get a perfect jumping shots.

"1,2.3 jump!!!"
"awwwwwwwwww,pindik bah kamu lumpat"
"tinggi lagik bah!!"

im trying here.
'only my but sticking in the air.'

"bah one more time....1,2,3..jump!!!"
"ihhhhh ......ok SEMULA!!!"
yay.a little bit higher.

nah never mine.we have no talents at all..hhaha

p/s:this post is not in any ways related with the blog

Wednesday, 5 August 2009


H1N1.Finally spreads it viruses here at usm(Science University Malaysia).
all preventive precaution are been taken .
to ensure our live n study do not been jeopardise.

according to sources that are suspicious.
1 person are positively infected.thus,all 3 other roomates are quarantined.
>< @.@ Take care everyone!!!!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

biochemical n physiology lab

taking blood after centrifugation...

taking blood sample.
it's easy.
let go
3 simple steps.

centrifugation machine.
this was the first time i met with this 'guy'.
i'm very proud with usm.
coz,the device are all up to date..
not like my older scholl(ahhhhhh..hate those times)

blood after centrifugated
This device is for calculating the amount of RBC(red blood cell).
to know whether haemolysis process take place or not.
it use some sort of light to penetrate blood solution.

how to be a good user of microscope?
1.patient like afif wish you are like afif

some of the raw materials that were used today.
this experiment done to show the existent of carbohydrates.
very basic experiment.
nothing special.
very useful in clinical:diabetic patient,hypertension

the reality of universities in malaysia:
females outnumbered MALEs!!!!

wondering what it is?
this is erythrocytes in isotonic solution.
'cantik kan?'.this erythrocytes is moving !!!eventhough it is under microscope.(i mean after the preparation of slide)

hands of the future dentists.><

test tube for blood testing.

tip.for taking blood from test tube.
to prevent contamination