Thursday, 30 June 2011

TOMOROW I will be at SABAH!!!

YAY!!! no words can describe my feelings right now....!!! yayyyyyyyy!!!!!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Selanjar 2 Medic

I fail!!!!
thank you for the pray and all..even though I fail AGAIN!!! I feel really grateful for not being crazy and stuff.without ur prays ,maybe I will be in psychiatric ward already.Thanks Guys.

Actually ,I am a bit confident to pass this exam.I do it better than previous exam,but what to do,rezeki and luck is not with me this time.

gonna do better next time...uhuhu...hwaiting!!

owhh I heard one of my FINAL YEAR senior been kicked out due to repeating for 2 times in a row.meaning failing BIG exam for two times in a row.(o.0)
just imagine,FINAL year....5 years of study and suddenly been kicked out from school...OMG.....


Hope U guys do well in ur study!!! chaiyok and don't ever give up!!!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

OSCE Clinical:what afif experienced

OSCE clinical

but let's read from one of my friend first.To compare her Patient with mine.
bare in mind this is medical exam,the patient were trained before hand,hence they are not real patient.

This patient came to the hospital , complaining discharge from his penis. Take relevant history pertaining to the complaint.

Kat atas katil tue duduklah seorang lelaki. Yang jadik examinernye, seorang Prof di PPS*.

FaizKamarul: Salam encik. Saya FaizKamarul, pelajar pergigian. Ini dr saya.

(tukar channel) Dr, this is my patient.

Encik, boleh bagitau nama encik, umur dan asal dari mana?

Encik XY: Saya XY dari Negeri U. 28 tahun.

FaizKamarul: Boleh saya tahu sebab apa encik masuk ke hospital nie?

Encik XY: Penyakit kelamin.

FaizKamarul: O..........k. Saya nak tahu, apa yang menyebabkan encik datang ke hospital ni?

Encik XY: Ada cecair keluar dari kemaluan saya.

FaizKamarul: Owhhh.... encik, boleh tak encik bagitau macam mana rupanya cecair yang keluar tuh? Warna apa...., ada bau ke tak....? (omg, panas muka aku)

Encik XY: emm. warna hijau. bau dia busuk la...

FaizKamarul: (cmon faiz think2) err.. cecair tue keluar time bile ye, encik? time duduk saja2 sampai basah seluar ke, time encik buang air je ke? ada bercampur dengan darah tak? masa kencing tu ada rasa sakit kat mana2 tak?

Encik XY: takde la. keluar time kencing jek. tadek darah pun.

FaizKamarul: encik, pada kemaluan encik tu ada gatal2 tak? merah2 ke? (pheww, neves weyh neves)

Encik XY: ada la gatal ckit2.

FaizKamarul: gatal-gatal and cecair tu kan, dah berapa lama encik alami benda neh?

Encik XY: seminggu yang lepas.

FaizKamarul: owhhhh... seminggu lepas ye. Encik dah berkahwen?

Encik XY: Dah.

FaizKamarul: berapa lama dah kawen tuh?

Encik XY: 20 tahun dah.

FaizKamarul: (20 tahun?? biar betik orang neh, kata umur 28, nie mesti skrip punya problem neh), o...k, saya nak tanya isteri encik ada tak mengalami gatal-gatal, keluar cecair yang sama macam yang encik alami sekarang neh?

Encik XY: tak dop pong.

FaizKamarul: Encik, mintak maaf la saya nak tanya ckit neh, sebelum berkawen dulu, encik pernah tak melakukan hubungan seksual?

Encik XY: Pernah.

FaizKamarul: emmm, er encik saya nak tanya lagi, masa melakukan hubungan seksual tue, ada pakai err kondom tak?

Encik XY: tadek.

FaizKamarul: Emm, dr, saya rasa itu saje saya nak tanya. ada masa lagi tak? (uuu, i supposed to address her as Prof instead of Dr )

Prof XX: ada ckit lagi. you nak present pun boleh, tak present pun takpe.

Prof XX pun tanya la, apa diagnosis, what investigations to order gitu.

Then, loceng berbunyi tanda tamatlah 10 minit itu.

----------------that is faiz version--------------

aku punya plak....

afif:Salam Dr,Pak cik saya pelajar pergigian tahun dua.ini ialah Dr saya yang akan mengawasi kita pada hari ini.
Dr this is my patient,can I proceed?


afif:salam pak cik ,pak cik umur berapa dan apa nama pakcik?

Pak cik: wslam ,pak cik umur 28 tahun ,nama pak cik wan(please be remind that this pak cik act like his sick,so when he was answering my question he is kinda mumbling his words and close his eyes all time!)

afif:owh,k,pak cik datang hospital sebab apa yer?

pak cik: owh pak cik demam......(dalam hati aku,ehh tiba2 pulak demam pak cik ni....Urinary tract infection ker apa nieh?)

afif:owh berapa lama dah pak cik?

pak cik: ada lah dalam dua minggu

afif: owh,pak cik.....(tiba-tiba) ada kah nanah keluar dari kemaluan pak cik?(haha)

pak cik: ada nak

afif:owh ..pak cik..nanah tu keluar time bile? dan bile lagi nanah nie keluar?

pak cik: time kencing( UTI affect his bladder?).....dia mula keluar mase seminggu yang lalu

(dalam kepala aku dah fikir 1st urinary tract infection ,2nd sexual transmited disease)

afif: pak cik,kalau pakcik bandingkan sepanjang dua minggu ni pak cik..nanah dan keadaan pak cik bertambah baik ker bertambah buruk?

pak cik: lebih kurang jer(aku dah panas dah....dia buat muke seposen dan sayup2 kedengaran jawapanya)

afif:nanah pak cik tu ada darah ker pak cik? ada bau ker pak cik

pak cik: tak der darah pun nak..bau pun takde...(zzzzz)

afif:owh pak cik dah kahwin ker?

pak cik: belum

afif:owh...pak cik pernah tak buat hubungan seksual sebelum nie?

pak cik: ihh adik nie...malu pula saya nak jawab~~~~(dgn tersipu-sipu malu,senyum2,blush2)....
(dalam hati:wwwoookeih.....jawabjak....kenapa juga mau malu..gete!!)

aku senyum jer..hehehehhe dgn ketawa tak ikhlas

afif:pak cik...........(sambil jeling)hahahha

pak cik: ada dulu dgn teman wanita...(owh dalam kepala aku STD dah)

afif:pak cik...ada tak di kemaluan pak cik dan kawasan berdekatan dengan kemaluan pak cik ada merah2,gatal2?

pak cik: tak ade pun (aku dah konfius!!! STD ker UTI nieh/????)

then present dgn Prof.........

all in all,pak cik ni Sangat high class lakonan dia...aku rasa dia dah pernah jadi patient berjuta kali dah...geram aku...tak cooperate betul...
sekejap symptoms mcm STD ,kejap UTI...pening aku...zzzzzzzz

entry post-exam..biasalah,agak emosi gaya penulisanya.namun,yang membaca harus ceria.:D
Post ini untuk anda gelak,jangan emosi mcm penulis nya.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Children Nowadays becoming smarter.

Hi peeps,I just had a morning wish by my brother through Fb chat.Btw he is currently darjah 4,primary 4.ermm 1o years old?
and his english has become better for god sake,and cute too.hahahaha.miss him.

Selamat hari jadi abang!!!!..
tq izz!!!
Your Welcome.
owh your english become better
Thanks so much.
no problem ,it is my pleasure.have you had your breakfast?
No just eating maggi

(hahahhahhaa,I laugh so much at this part."NO" ahh...but already eaten maggi...hahaha)

who cook for you?

Just Me.
really? you cook for your self?
yes surely.
oh my really becoming independent now ,young man.
thanks brother

comel/kawai/cute/(cute in korean?forgot.zzzzz)........:D

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Tips For Artsy Acrylic Painting for beginners

  1. Prepare your canvas ,make it as smooth as u can
  2. outline ur drawing using non-sharp pencil or using water color
  3. start with background or lighter shade colour as u will realize it is easier to "redo" the mistakes that u had done
  4. use brushes that is suitable for shape and technique that u wanna u want to do a petal of flower, u can use a tear-drop shape brush .
  5. make sure u have extra paper or news paper for colour experiment to see whether the colour that u want can be achieve
  6. having more than one water bucket for brushes is suggested
  7. prepare lots of tissues in case of emergency.
  8. don't be too detail...this is a painting not an architectural design .Ur ways of interpreting what u see and feel through painting is more important.
  9. ENJOY and be needs time :D

Monday, 6 June 2011

Awesome jogging track

Hi I just discovered something new! USMKK now have a new jogging track!check it out!!

the pavement are soo cute and lovely.It was green(golf course,of coz lah fif),smells nice.....:D
but if u are a girl,please don't jog alone coz I think it was a bit bushy and there's abang2 construction and Lot's of Lizards !!!

I was macho"Ly scream when I encounter it.huhu..
all in all,U must try it.
It was 800 metres inside the golf course .So u will feel more closer to earth.:P

Let's be healthy together!!

have u notice this "reban" in our golf course?I wonder what's in there....huhu

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Saturday, 4 June 2011


just get back from collecting boxes for packing my things.How's ur holiday?
having a blast is it?

well once a year "this" event will be held .It's like a annual to put your shameless face on and start asking for boxes.How cool is that? :P
seriously,my shameless face is working this year,comparing my "box event" last year,I become more active and not even have the slightest shame..hoho....
Just imagine ur walking with ~8boxes stuck in ur armpit while clinging on a umbrella....and walking from Nirwana to hostel...~~800m far , with lot's of traffic...^^

Oh btw, today I ate 2 Chinese fried rice ....for dinner....
How's ur dinner?nice?

Thursday, 2 June 2011


yoohaaa peeps,

my exam finally over...for those wandering what exam I was talking about.It is Selanjar 2 Medical Paper.
huh,only God will understand how relief I feel right now!
By finishing this exam ,I am finally finish my 2ND year medic dental course.Now,will continue my dental 3rd year course this coming Sunday! can you imagine.Time flies SO fast ,isn't?
seems like yesterday I was just started my 2ND year...:D

more blog post later...^^
"coming soon"