Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The "Nipple" Gown

what did u see?This picture was taken from Busan Film Festival 2011.This is what I called:

The "Nipple" Gown

what is Nipple?
nipple |ˈnipəl|
1 the small projection of a woman's or girl's breast in which the mammary ducts terminate and from which milk can be secreted.
• the corresponding vestigial structure in a male.
• the teat of a female animal.
• the flexible tip of a baby’s pacifier or feeding bottle.
2 a small projection on a device or machine, esp. one from which oil, grease, or other fluid is dispensed in small amounts.
• a short section of pipe with a screw thread at each end for coupling.
verb [ trans. ] (usu. be nippled)
provide (something) with a projection like a nipple : rocks nippled with limpets.
ORIGIN mid 16th cent. (also as neble, nible): perhaps a diminutive of neb

my point is , what is wrong with u?!!!! even though it is her right to dress like that,I reckon that everyone around her feels that she is disturbing!!!
  1. "OMG,her breast is BIG!!!!"
  2. "Omaigod,did she glued her dress onto her breast?tell me about desperate!!"
  3. "How many make up did she wear to cover her chest?"
  4. "omaigod,her nipple will slip any time!!"
  5. "omaigod, Sin,Sin,Sin"
  6. "She must be a slut before"
  7. "omaigod,she embarrass me as women"
I want to highlight point 7th. As a women and a Lady,don't u feel that it is against women right?This kind of dress is what MEN want women to wear,to satisfy Himself. 

Don't get me wrong,I love fashion but as Human Being knowing that cloth is to cover our body and make us feel good plus increase our confidence !! But sorry to say,I can't see any of that point in that gown.
 much better

  even with legs shown to the world,this is less slutty

  look even hotter this one right?no breast exhibition heh


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