Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Dear Miss,

hmm.nothing else can be done except study here in usm.
this course are really tiring.but i love It.lots of memorizing and related to human syllabus.

i wonder if i take geology.do i love earth sciences?do i love math?do i love chemistry?nope,....is the answer.

but,looking forward to the future .I'm thinking about the profession that i will be doing most time of my life.
if i stay ,I'll be doing job that are very relax.seating on chair and waiting patient to come to me.
"yes,may i help you?"i always want to say that.lol

plus,i love smiling to patient.here in usm,i always keep on smiling ,and the patient all smile back and make me happy.^^.

but if o go to shell.i will improve my English.no DR in front of my name.but having a big salary is my 'cita2' as well.there i will always travel to find and observe the beautiful creation of GOD:Earth.

but then,it is really hard for me to make any decision now.i got exam next week:selanjar 1 dental.and it's hard cooping with all of this at the same time.

i want to do the solat istikarah,but then i forgot to do it last night.huhu.

hmm.no matter how my life turn out.i will struggle ! and will get the best from both world(mcm hannah montana punya lirik)lol.

Ty miss pristine and grandeur for listening.

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