Tuesday, 25 August 2009


eating honey to get extra glucose for brain.

It's already 2.07 am.
but i am now doing my experiment to study all night long...

the rules are simple:

1.no facebook
3.if sleepy,try a way.if cant focus jugak.sleep for like 10 minutes and study again.

1.no time to study
2.exam nak dekat!!!takut
3.just making an experiment.if it is possible.ill do it everydaylah..hehe....

actually,i'm not use to stay up all night except for high school(MRSM).one of the reason is makhluk yg mengerikan.second is lonely.but i'm thinking,now is bulan ramadhan,so,all the makhluk are cuti!..hehe

p/s:to all blog readers,please pray for me as i am very desperate for all of your prayer..hopefully,i will get excellent result.....amin

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