Thursday, 20 August 2009

Uni Life of a dental student

i never thought that uni life is this hard,living in a life that always a rush hour every single minute.Plus,as dental student :feeling restless is common already:not enough sleep,busy with study.
hmm,i want to share my life as a dental student here at usm.Firstly,I am the one that wanted this course soo much in the beginning .but i do not even had imagined that the syllabus will be this hard.
here we are exam based education,means our exam is our key for our own future.A,B,C are the grade to pass.and F for fail.
During first year,we have selanjar(ujian)1,2 and 3 (for dental) + selanjar1,2 and 3 (for medic)+Pro exam(final exam)=7 exam(@.@)

here we do not use the pointer system that are widely used in other university.idk for other U(university) in malaysia.But courses that related to Dr(doctor) use only pass or fail system.

seems easy right?some say"just pass what , what are the big problem?"just pass?my brain start to recall back the notice board i saw just now.

it was the result of our senior that were already get their result on their first selanjar.for your info,what i can say.HORRIBLE!!!!SCARY!!!!AHHH!!!!...

mostly F!!!just imagine F!

i am very like "For God sake,is this for real?!"the student here is not alang2 one.all pun yang very the clever one ,that are flying color student.Hmm,if we are at school right.we are like aiming to get A.but here,all the medical and dental student want to PASS is just Hard or should i say Harder than getting an A's.

idk about you.but it's sound very challengig for me.HUHU.wish me the best.

hmm.well that it's for now.i want to continue my study.

until next post.bye.


KhaLiLa said...

Afif all da best,,,Buli bha kalo ko 2,,,hehehe

afif=shafie said...

ty khal for the support
bffus(best friend forever until syurga)

KhaLiLa said...

Ya i know,,,,Bffus ,,,Hahahha,,,