Saturday, 8 August 2009

FAILED=Jumping Shots

it is funny right?
.Seeing people trying soo hard to make a perfect shot.
everybody ,i mean had or have the desire to do a jumping shot right?
here are some of pictures that i found very funny until it makes my stomach hurt.
look the guy in the middle.trying SO hard to push himself to the air.(lol)
even though he is looking like having a chronic stomach pain..haha
and the girl in white.just seems SO helpless with her hand in the air
"owh help me pls!!"
and the girl in red jacket....hahahahha....
seems like it was not jumping at all.


below are some of the most funny picture trailer i had ever saw.
this picture show ,how difficult it is to get a perfect jumping shots.

"1,2.3 jump!!!"
"awwwwwwwwww,pindik bah kamu lumpat"
"tinggi lagik bah!!"

im trying here.
'only my but sticking in the air.'

"bah one more time....1,2,3..jump!!!"
"ihhhhh ......ok SEMULA!!!"
yay.a little bit higher.

nah never mine.we have no talents at all..hhaha

p/s:this post is not in any ways related with the blog

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