Saturday, 19 December 2009

Friend Expose

One of my talented friend always share his new recording with me.Even though it was an amateur recording .I really like his voice.I already become one of his biggest fans though.Love his voice!!!

This Journey of singing sensation start when Me and my roommate singing together .After been forced to sing with us, he join us,that is the first time I heard his wow-ing voice(enough for standing ovation-lol).Enough talking...enjoy....This song is the first recording he sent to me.
M fadzly - Aku dan dirimu.


adlynndarr said...

lurve it!

Khairieah said...

fadzly wasriep ka? yg mktb tawau tu kan??

ada kwn sy yg mktb tawau jg ckp suara dia best..hehehe

afif=shafie said...

ad:best kan???nanti aku post lagik..byk lagi lagu dia

khai:iya..dialah tuh..haha

Khairieah said...

hehe..bah post lg aa

dr.vEeL said...

ok.. serious.. smart gila suara dia.. boleh dikomersialkan ni.. bha afif, curi2 la ko hntr pg syarikat recording ni.. haha

afif=shafie said... kan??hahhaa