Saturday, 12 December 2009


after the dental exam over.i felt so relieve ,so free,so into hibernating,so into movies,so into Fb.Ahh..this is not happening!!!afif wake up you jijik big and tall cute monster!!(lol)...
I dont know about you guys,but when exam is over ,I am very lazy after exam.It takes time for me to build again those "exam" spirit .
Maybe it is due to my habit that like things in the easy way and more last minute i would say.Hmm,but when someone tell me that I'm hardworking and so on I'm like WHAT?????
are you serious????Haven't you see me Fb ing all the time??

Plus,nowadays.I like reading others blog rather than write my own..huhu..again..lazy monster..Nah..i just realize even though I am about to end my 19 next year...I am still afif...the loud and happy-go-lucky person..i hate to leave my 19..huhu...fif sedar lah tua sudah ko tuh..
just now I saw student came to our college and their faces are like so older than me,the fashion is like OMG."enjoy your teen you moron"said my heart.

ok,that's all for now.chow

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