Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Mist in Kelantan

Who says kelantan don't have mist??haha you wrong dude...ada bah juga sini.The only problem is that the mist are in the morning(morning mist kah nama dia?).
Talking about mist I remember how I was living in Tambunan for some moment in the past(when I was 14 years old).

The air ,the breeze,the roses just like Europe.hoho.Not kidding,seriously!You would not sleep at night if you don't have extra thick blanket to cover your body my dear.One thing I remember the most is having a nice mild,warm bath with petals of roses.haha.

(mandi bunga kunun,lawak ni sampai ayah aku cakap "ehh...mandi bunga???apa hajat abang??" . aku terdiam,baru aku tau orang mandi bunga mo buat hajat.haha).

Really love Tambunan,I prefer tambunan than Ranau and Bukit Emas for a cold fresh air.It is simply the best.I hope someday in the future I would go back to Tambunan for my posting I suppose.hoho.

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