Monday, 7 December 2009

quickie post

quickie post....mesti yang busy nih mo update blog.haha
well lot's of things happen these few days..

  1. i am starting to love d fact that i am jogging everyday!!!:P
  2. and i start again my diet programe...
  3. exam dental around the coner.
  4. i already know how they use (via celcom sms) on fb...lols
  5. shock!!!KB mall (Kota Bharu mall) two future nurse died due to car falling down from the ceiling!!!!gosh!!!!
later will update der..
pics above is my new work as MPI(minggu penghayatan islam;ajk multimedia)...asas


Khairieah said...

afif..tagline bersama memartabatkn islam tu ba..yg mcm time kml dlu kn.. :)

afif=shafie said...


Mac Callister said...

what?car falling on the ceiling?thats so tragic...condolence to their families