Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Heart Rate

my partner:choudry(left) and wafi(right)

my friend with his stethoscope.

These pictures above shows the practical regarding Heart Rate,Blood pressure stuff.We need to differentiate the Heart rate etc on different situation :normal,during exercise,after and after rest.
It was quite memorable experience plus it enhance my Blood Pressure reading skill.To tell you the truth the Blood Pressure thingy is not easy at it seems .
It's very hard to differentiate the first sound (korotkoff sound) and the other sounds like people talking,foot steps etc.
But that half day session is really worth to go through as it will come out in exam for sure!!!but to tell you the truth ,I already forgot about all the notes regarding heart rate and so on.Furthermore,all the physics Formulae!!(I'm not a Physic Fan)...ahh...

I enjoy that session.love it.Feeling like I'm already a doctor.To sad because I would not use those stethoscope in my Career later on as I'm only a future DENTIST!!not a medical Doctor.

k guys,until next post.

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alfie said...

afif salah eja,, sepatutnya KOROTKOFF sound