Monday, 8 February 2010

fesyen tudung paling menawan...oh ekor kuda

cantik kan tudung zaman sekarang.ada ekor di belakang.I called it tudung ekor kuda.
since the first day I came here in kelantan,I saw many kinds of tudung....pelik-pelik semuanya..

I take this pic when I'm on the way to go back after lecture ended.This kakak from front view is okay , but when she turn around..ok!!!!!fine!!!!!

"ok afif buka kamera"kata hatiku...kweng3 di blog sudah gambar.hehe..I have no attention to elaborate much on this issue because it's kinda sensitive..letting you to judge by yourself...for me it's funny...lmao...haha


nemo said...

i like this one..."from front view is okay , but when she turn around..ok!!!!!fine!!!!!"
i "ter"observed ds kind of phenomena oso..
funny sharing ^o^


afif=shafie said...