Saturday, 13 February 2010

The easy way to do CPR-save life guys!!


pictures above are the scheme that our Dr use to examine us in exam,I curi2 snap pic !hoho tererkan?
if you see someone faint in front of you,please don't panic!most probably the fainted person(A) are having heart attack(90% true!)
so the best way to handle it is CPR .(Cardiopulmonary resuscitation)

  1. asses for danger,make sure you are not in the middle of the road doing CPR!!!!or inside a crocodile farm!!!!
  2. tap A shoulder and ask for his response like "sir,have you married???(kidding!!)"
  3. ask someone to call ambulance and ask them to bring AED(automated external defibrillator).erm like the one dalam ER tu yang ada karen2.
  4. Lift the chin UP and rescue breath (cium mulut ke mulut) 2 times.each of our exhalation contain 60% of oxygen.*wink*,make sure the chest are lifted when you blow (rescue breath)
  5. Check for pulse lateral to the thoracic cartilage
  6. Put your hand in A chest ,in the middle between A nipple and his sternum.Make sure your elbow is straight k.if not you will tired easily.
  7. Press for 30 times without gap in the middle.
  8. Then give 2 rescue breath after each 30 compression
  9. after 5 cycle of 30 press:2 rescue breath,check again for pulse
  10. if got pulse(yay alive!!)if no ,continue the procedure until 30 minutes or until you are tired

if there is pulse but no breathing continue giving A rescue breath every 5 second once
oh that's me.

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