Thursday, 21 January 2010

CAT with six fingers=kucing kampung berjari anam

during a windy afternoon...
like always I'm having my study group at red square.
Suddenly a cute kitten kinda species kucing kampunglah but it's so cute!wawawawa
so our study having it's commercial break(iklan kucing kampung nama dia,haha)
Then, we realized that she had 6 fingers on each foot.

me:ui,6 fingers bha ni kucing
lihin:iya take pictures and post about it...
me:emm bha
me:hei,there's nipple here to(beside the palm),so that makes seven right?
lihin:no lah ,that one of some sort of pressure absorber(I'm like ,ohh what ever....It's look like nipple for me ,walaupun colour dia ndak macam pink;hitam colour dia )

where's the kucing kampung?
"saaaaaaaaaaaaaaana ranau"......haha long time didn't say that phrase...

from above.

cute kan..I'm calling her kucing kampung because she like my cat back home(papar sabah tuh kampung bha kan?)

see,seriously.1,2,3,4,5 and 6!!!!I'm not lying you know.

p/s:I will have my selanjar 3 next next week ,a medical hope I pass with flying colours .huhu.amin

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