Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Day Out:Muzium Kelantan


hey I just finish watching America's next top model season 3 for the 2nd time(means no studying=menyesal di kemudian hari).
It's the best cycle ever!Love the holidays .Alone ,but it's calming when you are alone(having lot's of time for me to think! on multiple stuffs)
I decorate my study wall with orange wallpaper!!isn't awesome(I done something beneficial during holiday,,,,yay!!!*cheers*)

nah nothing special happen actually,I like the fact that I had extra sleep everyday
(sesuatu yg membanggakan!)hoho
enough talking crap here are pics taken during our trip to muzium kelantan..

trip to muzium Kelantan.

well,it's muzium.The best way to know something is by knowing it's history.

car that we rent for that particular day.6 hour for rm 35!!( is it cheap,is it mahal? dont ask me, I don't know either)

batu bersurat

Old Quran

Sultan's Thingy,I cant remember it's name.sorry

Kota Bharu Airport during 60s , 70s time.

wau,an type of kite made by local .It will produce sound kinda like singing when it fly
up in the sky

(old ones)using charcoal to make it hot.



tradisional kelantan congkak made from wood.

view from above

there are Hinduism element that influence art in kelantan

tools to make puppet for wayang kulit
(oh do you now they used cow skin as the major material?)

glue,brush,colour,bamboo stick

wayang kulit from inside

wayang kulit from front

I like this photo,remind me of DSLR


Julie Padasian said...

afif, cantik pic yg paling last tu. mcm hdr photo. :)

afif=shafie said...

high dynamic range imaging....uuuu..best2...haha..ty!!!julie..