Friday, 12 February 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

It's Chinese New Year everyone!!roaaarrrrr!!(making kinda lion punya bunyi). Time fly so fast,It's Chinese new year already!.And I'm now having my Cny break here in USM.

These pictures I took during the CNY night celebration that was held in Dewan Utama USM Kampus kesihatan.
What I can say It was awesome!!Lot's of breathtaking performances , superb hairdo,wardrobe,stage,everything!!
there were Lots of dancing,drama even the food are good..oh,oh there was a lion performance to(bestnya!!!)
we kinda late that night and we miss the opening ceremony where I heard the dragon were moving from the stage to the entrance door.(hoho)

Hope that we can make our own Borneo Night even better than any event held here in usm .It (Borneo night)will be held end of this year and we (the future 2nd year student) are the one who will organize it.(Lihin and I were in charge in exhibition).
oh happy Chinese new year!!!!!!

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