Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Bridge,Tooth pulp removal

Today,we are required to observe and assist final year student in USM dental clinic.It's a tiring day but after a good jog just now, I feel much better.I seldom jog this week due to Nasyid practise that I have every late afternoon.

OK back to posting.Well,Lots of havoc thing happens on the whole time of posting.There is one case where this guy having a bridge on his incisor.Both his incisor are gone due to "mat rempit".So this bridge are use to replace some of the missing teeth with initial set of teeth.The difference between bridge with old artificial teeth is that it is permanent .

Second,one of the case that make me terpesona seketika is the tooth pulp removal.Basically,the root pulp is like your soft part in the middle of your bone.As we go older the pulp is dead.So,to ensure that the tooth last for a longer time.....
we extract the pulp out and insert some kind of rubbery substance that should replace the pulp.
"how about the cost?"
hoho,in the private clinic it cost nearly RM3500.expensive right?hoho...

oh,oh,oh there was one cutie little girl going for removal of her Kurap in his gingiva( gusi...satuperkataan baru di situ..hehe).She was so cute and afraid until she cannot control of her external sphincter (utk control pembuangan air kecil..hoho)...and sssssssssssssssssss......she pee in her pants.Thank God we are wearing mask,if not our professionalism will be

okay then,until next post.


Raihanah Rozaimi said...

nice post!..btw, aq ikot MPP tu yg bercampor bur tu koz baru sem 2, dpt x aq pikul tanggungjawab ni..

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