Saturday, 16 January 2010

Abdomen anatomy-dissection

Okay student,today we'll study the anatomy of abdomen.Please wear your glove and mask.

From my observation , the cadaver is male.
Frankly speaking, I hate memorizing all the nerves that are so complex.Notwithstanding,the muscles and all the distinctive feature of each parts of human body.( huaa.....nasib belum beruban...)
Eventually I fell in love with it after I know the functions and after I realized I will treat a real human being later on!!!.I must memorize!!!(that's the spirit....kekeke)

This video was taken during our anatomy briefing .
ENJOY!!!(idk if it's the right THING to say..haha)

actually the cadaver is already dissected , and already covered by formalin (kind of material to make cadaver last longer-preservation)

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