Saturday, 10 September 2011

1st post from my new Kelantan Room

safely arrived at kelantan yesterday at approx 3 pm,and just woke up from an nice afternoon nap..

having a hard  day unpacking which is the acticity I hate the most.11 boxes need to be carried from 1st I'm at second floor...

the holiday has ended finally....I had a very blissful memory and LONG break that I cant ask for more.But the sweet things must have it bad side right?in this 2 month holiday I lost alot of things.
one is my handphone which cost me RM 700++,then suddenly I realize I cannot find my HARD DRIVE during packing at home which cost me RM 200,and I lost my LG charger which I use now WHICH I thought I left it at USM....AND I lost Libary BOOKS!!!!someone took it !!! I cant find it anywhere in the store room!!!!! #died
but the good side is that I didn't feel nervous or anything,a bit lah but not like it was like tomorow is ur exam #fliphair
WHY? i dunno,maybe my reckless side is neglecting all the negative side and just go with it...what can I do with it right?things had happen....:)

my room is on 2nd floor which is the highest peak of nurani man hostel.and it is beside toilet,if u open ur door,it is directly connected to toilet..memang high class lah..#rolleyes
the best part of my room is of course the view.....u can see nurani office from my room..and it is not creepy if u open ur curtains and windows at night coz its soo bright ..:D

all in all,I have very mixed feelings coming and starting a new year ...I am excited in learning part but a bit down  with my things yang LOST IN ACTION jak....hmmm..

"semua yng terjadi ada hikmahnya"

happy starting a new SEM for all U student around the globe and happy eid mubarak!!

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