Monday, 12 September 2011

Study abroad with family..I wonder...

I just read new entry from kak ernie and she will move to UK soon following her husband further his study at Birmingham.....I never thought of continuing my study oversea after I had a family....


I was thinking for a while,and I think it is not a bad Idea after all,here some positive points i can think of:
  • u will not be alone as ur family is there with u
  • u don't need to worry about cleaning the house,kitchen,preparing local food,because u r not alone(not like ur living in hostel using double-Decker bed
  • ur social life is OKAY,I mean u did not involve in extreme / high risk behaviour because u have ur wife to remind u and be ur soul mate kan
  • can play with ur children if u have any and see they grow up.:D
  • can share ur problems with ur wife
  • spouse can find job and exp new environment
  • can go vacation together..honeymoon!!! oversea okay


Ernie Khairina said...


tq for featured me in hehe. yes, can play with our children and go vacation together!

good luck with ur study ok

afif=shafie said...


tQ kak!! Take care in new place k...and pls update ur blog .I wanna see how birmingham looks like.hehe