Thursday, 18 August 2011

Tam Nak Thai Restaurant

hi peeps,I went to Thai rest. for break of fast last few weeks.It is located at api-api centre Kota Kinabalu ,Sabah just opposite to Centre Point.
If u are craving for Thai food,this place suit u well.The one of a kind curry flavor and stingy spicy mango salad , brain zapping Tom Yam.wooohoo. :D

The other reasons for u to come here beside the food are the ambiance of the place,plus the free Tamar and Drinks for Ramadhan only! :D

owh and this restaurant wall is embedded with mirror! lots of them! all around you!! so u can check ur hair anytime! :D

So cosy and customer friendly.

for price u can check it here.:D


julie padasian said...

ok apip. blog sepa lagi ko pigi ambil tu. patutlah ko berabis cakap pasal pineapple rice ari tu

afif=shafie said...

ahaha..aku google bha tu...
ea itulai tu pine apple rice...