Thursday, 28 July 2011

Sapi Island trip

hello peeps...
I went to Pulau Sapi yesterday and it was awesome.Went snorkeling ,camwhoring etc.
here some pictures

at Jesselton Point.You can choose from varieties of packages for an island,choose wisely yah.

set off to Pulau around 10.40am

memoir of KML

arrived!!! at Jeti Pulau Sapi

getting ready


after snorkeling;no pictures of snorkeling coz we all very busy surviving not to drown in a see full of coral reef

I'm the one that take this Pic ..nice kan? (^^)v


legs full of bruises and scratch,thanks to coral reef

I wonder how they can sleep in such condition

ginormous Lizards

Jump Shot!!

Baywatch run Failed!!!

This is me and Khal going towards ezekiel and faiz which at the middle of the sea....but we stop half way due to sharp coral reef beneath...hmmph

outdor shower:refreshing~~~until we questioned where is the source of the water..hahah
and thanks to Ren for bringing Shampoo ,and Julie for finishing it!

no more sand and salty hair ^^

Going back d,bye2

bye Pulau...


Then we decided to take pictures at Grafity art infront Suria

we WALK from jeselton to ......


which is in the land of Far Far Away..><

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