Saturday, 2 July 2011


Hi peeps , I am already at home.yay!!!! for me....

well the journey from kelantan to sabah was very tiring.At the same time I was very excited to wear my new clothes and shoe I bought special for this trip to go home.hahaha

Guys,honestly I didn't "fell" the excitedness of going back home this time.Total of 4 exam in 2ND year makes me thinking of exam all the time and less for home(but the desire yo dress up is soo high,hahah).
but then ,when pilot/captain said we were gonna land soon to land below the wind my tears fall down like a pouring rain,seriously it was like sudden,I cant hold it back,my nose was running like hell,thank God at that time the light was dim.if not,my bangladeshi neighbour could tell that I was crying .
Then I realized that I miss them SO much!!! all the study stuff really makes me blind and I really felt hurt because I let them down in my medical exam.

and going home there are some changes....we now had a mini "reef" aquarium konon to have that oceany feels.Plus,my dad add 2 ayam serama in his bird collection .Soo cute....^^

Hope U guys enjoy ur holiday!! TATA titi TUTU

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