Thursday, 14 July 2011

Bye-bye kelantan=Airport

bye bye my room 010 nurani putera...Will miss you.

I went early to the airport at 11 am while my flight was was actually at 3pm.Thank God that I went early so that I can adjust my overweight luggage ,19 kilos total,,phewww......problem solve by adding my luggage limit for RM 5 (rather than paying RM 15 per Kilo).

with Jiamin's Doll.

with Chew ,so sad we left her alone as her flight was later at 5 pm.

arrive at LCCT KL.having McD with Daphne.

Self Check in.first time doing it

Last but not least urs truly.


successor or giver said...

korea abis afif!

afif=shafie said...

hahahhaha..ko ni nai..ntah mana korea pun aku tak nampak...