Friday, 25 March 2011

Falling Down from Kota Bharu Mall

I just knew this from Fb..
Rumours stated she is a Nursing Student in one of nursing school in Kelantan...(too many nursing school here,if you ask me)

luckily she didn't die..this happen around 3 to 4 pm...this afternoon.-.-
I don't know why on earth or on what extent a PERSON can be thinking to kill them self?

What are the possible scenarios that lead her when this way:

Breaking with your boyfriend? duhhhh find a new one...if this is it...I'm sure gonna slap her on her face myself.
owh maybe her boyfriend want to sell her to be a slut or else her mother gonna be killed?(macam drama?mcm lah)...I rather be a slut than my mother murdered..right??
owh or her man is a politician / kerabat diraja /suami orang....and she been force to pick her love or her life.....wahh...

finance? until need to sell your virginity ??....and be slut the rest of your life??-impossible lah kan,when you get older how come people want you anymore..still I think if I in this situation I still want my life...

Study? stress because she need to pay FEES and still need to work.....still need to FEED her siblings.....her mother is SICK.....her lecturer scold her because of her BAD result......her dad abuse her.....her family hate her because she is the black ship in the family???


because why?

because honey!!! soo many patient/people in the world/ward are dying!! not because they want to,but because they had no choice sayang oi...

and latest,my patient FOURTEEN !!! freaking 14 YEARS OLD just pass away due to PITUITARY TUMOR!!!!
his family is poor sangat ...but that doesn't stop them from hoping their children life can be save.....

Life is an opportunity to live for god sake,not only for yourself but also people around you......
Don't be SELFISH and "run" away like that....

you know,WE know..that we are better than "that"!!!!

P/s:if you cant see the video please go here

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