Monday, 27 December 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy End Year!!!

hey guys,
Lot's of love from me yah...hope you had a great year and this new year 2011 would be better for all of us...

It is not too late for me to congratulate all PMR candidates that pass their exam with flying colors especially my sister...Work Harder yah....for me PMR is nothing ,it is just the test to show you whether you studied correctly or not for the past 3 years if you do not get what you want.there must must be something wrong that you can improve on.(^^)

FYI,I am blogging from Uni Lab because my mozilla buat hal!! can use Safari jer....but then idk why,she refuse to open anything that require password and emailing,blogging,fbing cannot be done using my Mac.So here I am using windows!!!


1.I just bought something that is very taboo for guys and i would make it a secret so that none of you know it!hahahha...I've been experimenting it whole night and it works!!!! walaoweh!!! scholarship money still not in yet! making my holiday sucks!!! it's the year end sells!! noo!!! I'll wait for chinese new year lah pula kan....huhu....T.T

3.I'll be arranging a Futsal Tournament and Netball Tournament for Festival Kelestarian Islam 2011...and I am very malas to think of it....hmmm...later lahhh pikir...

4.studying Gastrourinary tract physical examination and plan to go to Ward tomorrow to find patient....huaaaa

k lah...that's it for now....!!! bye!!! thank you for reading

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