Friday, 24 December 2010

My 1st Medical Exam in the Second Year

so we start with me posing ....
cuba teka tengah buat apa?

Hello guys,love to meet you again here..

Based on the title of my entry I am very excited to share my experience,what I'd done pre,during the exam was held.You guys,especially my friends and others that do not know what is true colours of our exam are , will truly look our exam as it is like no other exam you ever seen before.

To start the story,I will begin with what were the exams that I'd taken.As you all know,dental student in USM need to study medic as well.So in 2nd year ,basically we study about disease,aetiology,pathogenesis,management,risk factor ,histology,morphology,pathophysiology,etc.

and~~~~for this latest exam it includes 4 block :

1.Foundation:basics on pathology stuff
2.Respiratory:diseases related to respi lah kan.

we use this most often,Basic Pathology ,Robins

and~~~~for the exam we had 4 session:

3.OSPE Clinical

personally,this is the worse exam EVER in my whole LIFE!!! so unprepared and there is no one else to blame except for my self!!! serious,bayangkan...boleh lagi tengok cerita korea 2 minggu sebelum exam...cerita God Of Study !!! BEST!!!')

This time around I am on myself because last time we had discussion group.but due to self as dental stud we need to do denture,teeth cavity restoration,natural tooth arrangement etc...memang if you be a dental student,memang busylah...that do not include Uni activities lagi ,that you need to join to make sure you get asrama...naahh...(time management is important,and I know I sucks in it)

So I studied alone most of the time...sometimes my friend would come and study together but very limited.okay,enough mumbling nonsense ! start with 1st day of exam!

1st day 20 December 2010
OSPE (objective structure performance evaluation)

I didn't sleep the night before .I was soo nervous and scared because I knew that I would not be okay for tomorrow test.

and yes I did super disgustingly bad!

there were 20 stations....each station you are given 5 minutes and when you heard a buzzer sound you need to move to the next station.The questions includes lots of stuff.From cellular pathology,to morphology of organ associated with diseases , to X-ray interpretation, to surface anatomy, to breath sound detection using stethoscope ,etc....

and for that day I did not expect for an active station! OMG,and it was nasogastric tube insertion!!

I was like super nervous!! even the glove didn't fit perfectly.Shit kau glove!! I panic !! I barely remember the steps and syukur ....boleh juga..

2nd day ,21 December 2010
SEQ (short essay question)

one of my most hated part of exam...
you are given 14 question!
and each question has it owns abcd...
eg (I made it randomly):

Mr Ali complained of chest pain .He had night sweats and had haemoptysis.Blood pressure is 210/98 mmHg.Chest pain radiated to the left arm.

a)what is your diagnosis for this patient?
b)what is the drug use for reliveing his symptoms and show its mode of action.
c)outline the pathophysiology haemoptysis.
d)What are the investigating used to support you diagnosis?

each question value is 10 marks .so you do the math yer.What I can say,I feel really sad to imagine a patient go for a treatment under me.....=.=...confirm wrong diagnose!!

3rd day 22 December 2010

basically in OSPE Clinical we are doing hands on skills on patient.
there are 3 stations.
1 for physical examination (do Physical examination on real patient)(Monitored by Doctor)
1 for ECG electrocardiogram (the one we use for heart transduction of wave)
1 for History Taking (clerking)(with real patient also)(Monitored by Doctor)

we use this for Physical Examination

I did smoothly during Physical examination until Doctor suddenly ask me:

Dr:Give me 3 cause of clubbing?
me:(panic) Lung carcinoma ,lung absces....errr...emphysema!

then lagi suddenly:

Dr:what is the sign of hyperlipidemia?
me:xanthoma? it is the yellowish bulging appearance on the orbital area and hand....
Dr: okay

whewww,memang gila!! bukan susah pun!! Dr and patient are the one yang menakutkan....serious aku sempat senyum dan berbual lagi dgn patient hahahah.....
nasib this time no need to examine chest.because last time during trial,patient aku berbulu dada lebat!!!! sangat!!!! arrghh kena juga paksa pegang....!! trauma !!=.=

4th day 23 December 2010
MCQ (multiple choice question)
time: 2 and a half hour

question example:
a)largest country in the world
b)indian is the main race
c)3 malaysia is their motto
d)jalur gemilang is their national flag
e)located in europe.
each abcd you need to answer true of false.So ,80 questions times 5
=400 questions!!! pengsan.......

habis peluru aku guna untuk tembak!!!! pengsan lagiiii....

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