Saturday, 4 December 2010

Monsoon Season:Geography Class

Hi everyone!

Right now,it is Monsoon season in KELANTAN ,Malaysia.

for those who don't know what is Monsoon season.

we have two Monsoon in Malaysia,
1.Southwest Monsoon
2.Northwest Monsoon

for Kelantan which is at Northeast of Peninsular,so we're having Northeast Monsoon .
(yay geography A+)more here

FYI,Northeast Monsoon is from November to March.Which is now is in the middle of it,which is December.

So you know lah,when Monsoon comes with package.

SO,the point is NEARLY imposible for ME to wash my cloth.HOHO....

So just now I just when back from DOBI just beside warung infront USM.
and umm,I was astonished
with it's PRICE

okay,she weighed my cloth and it was freaking 6 kg!!! and ++!!!

Just cant imagine i wore that much cloth in one week!!(yes,I love to kumpul2 my baju,then perap2 dalam baldi,then cuci LOL!)

6Kg sama seperti Sekampit beras 5kg.(kaitan ? roll eyes)

okay now,try to predict how many RINGGhet I was charged.......

RM 6?for RM 1 per kilo?


RM 10 for idk......RM1 for 0.6kilo?


it was massive i tell you!!

FREAKING RM 16.00!!! hahahhahahaha LOL!
I know lah... you all "bold and beautiful" aka "Donald Trump" apprentices.but RM16 for me is like.... (jaws open)

nasib tak teriak "HUH!!!!?" sambil buat muka teruja kalau-kalau dia cakap "ehh salah kira ni ADIK ,FREE sebenarnya"

hmm =.=

fyi ,if u use machine it will only cost you 3 RINGGhet..=.=

i miss those time when medical seniors used to do DOBing part time job to support their medical project.It was the nicest DOBI ever.

1.Put your cloth in a bucket.( penuh2 sampai meluah-luah macam gunung berapi pun tidak apa.asalkan penuh dan hanya menggunakan 1 baldi sahaja) and for me I always put the payment with the bucket.
2.Put it just outside your door
3.message Him :room number etc.
4.the next day they sent it back to you with smile of course!!!

convenient kan?and it was for only 3,TIGA,THREE,XAN,salasa RINGGhet!!!!!
(roll eyes)
miss those time,

to abang senior,buat lah lagi business tu!! darurat neih!

p/s:I cant remember when the last time I go to it last year?

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