Friday, 3 December 2010

Do you want to be on top?

Okay,I just finish watching America's Next Top Model cycle 15 FINAL episode on YouTube.

I KNOW!! I am super MAD,exam is just around the corner and here I am eating Nasi Kerabu while watching! LOL

well like people say , "we need times for ourself to recover" .Like hell I need some rest after reading that super facty notes. Though, I still hasn't finish my studying YET! arghhhh now to think of it makes my head hurt! =.=

okay back to ANTM (okay this will only takes 5 minutes,my valuable 5 minutes!)

the final episode is left with ANN and CHELSEY,


Ann from ANTM 15 WON!!! wow!!! super HAPPY for her.....
fyi,I've been an ANTM freak since season 2 where I watch on 8tv ? (i think)

The result really makes my day,:D

There were 3 model-wanna-be that I like in this season which is JANE,KENDALL and ANN.and ANN really hit the jackpot.wahh!!




thanks for reading my pointless entry.

ok that's it .


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