Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Tik Tok : Time

"Procrastination is the thief of time"
"masa itu emas"

"Demi masa,sesungguhnya manusia di dalam kerugian"

"You don't have time , so don't waste any"afif shafie(hahaha)

Well , time is a boring subject to discuss because we had "force" by people around us (especially adults) to use our time wisely.
You will not understand until you in the situation where you felt that time flew so fast in a blink of nostrils?(lol).

Live is easy,study is easy if we use our time wisely,It's the art of tackling those seconds that actually differentiate excellent and average student/people/workers etc.

So,please handle your time wisely (don't be like me..T.T).

I think the way each of us use our time is unique and it's different from each other.The best way is find a way that give you the maximum benefits that you can get.Got me?

believe me,if you handle your time wisely you will be OK.peace

OK for those lazy people out there(same species with me ..comment I know who are also lazy like me,,hehe)

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Mac Callister said...

yeah use your time wisely and enjoy every moment