Saturday, 13 March 2010


To make it straight to the cloths is damn wet ! thanks to the rain....It cost me Rm 3.00 for that expensive washing machine!!!!! plus,the energy is not included...hoho

Anyway,I am so grateful for the rain to show it self again after weeks of dreadful tropical dessert!!! Thanks to Allah to bring this rezeki to us.I had been told by my friend that Tok Guru Nik Aziz and lots of Kelantanese doing solat hajat (IDK the term in English though) at Stadium here in Kelantan...and the rain start to drop in the middle of that prayer...and I was informed that it was 2 days ago and it is still raining heavily today...syukur

psst:I plan to solat hajat so that it stop raining ..can? or I just send them to the expensive and weird unreliable dobi?


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Julie Padasian said...

ok afif. nda payah hntar p dobi. cuci syak sendiri d hostel.