Sunday, 28 March 2010

Pendidikan Seni Visual SPM 2007

in bilik seni

I had an undescribe feelings when I saw these pictures.because to actually finish those things is not easy.Lot's of time spend....

I know I am not the best in this arty world but I know that Afif is multi talented.....cuma the talent itself are soo many but the quality is so so..



kereta berhias..
A1 ok spm...

Dentist = applying ART + Science Knowledge


GrAcE said...

chewah afif..pelatih terbaik PLKN hahaha
sa masih ingat saat2 ko berucap di hadapan tu...=P huahuahuha!

bah...chayo afif!!! =)

afif=shafie said...

grace hgn ko kasi ingat tu ucapan..bikin gali