Monday, 8 March 2010

So Random

Salam and hello guys,
This gonna be a random entry
Well I had experienced the MKI ( Indian Cultural Night ) here in USM.Briefly,the show was good,I am impress with the hall decorations.

me with one of the light.entrance hall btw.see my face glowing kan..hehe
oh,oh do not forget the "peace " sign..

Floor deco
'rangoli' which is using painted paddy grains

eating time
so "kecewa" with the food...I had mee mamak earlier , so the food kinda plain
nasi kandar with chicken

star? 2 out of 5
oh,to make the story interesting,my 2 and only pieces of kandar chicken fall on the ground .thanks to super fragile polisterene plate...damn!!!

ok donation for Haiti..
we do care..(ehem2)

with the maskot for that night...
1 malaysia

see I'm hiding ,geli kot tengok benda nih.....naik bulu roma!!

In addition,I also celebrate the grand opening of Mydin...kinda a superstor / hypermarket / kedai runcit? that are one of the leading companies beside tesco,parkson,etc.

ok first of all we had dinner at pizza hut...located just infront of our University.
Oh, for your info we had many new outlets of stores in front of our place.
Such as,Pizza hut,Celcom center,Maxis Center,Mydin,etc because Kubang kerian ( place that I currently in) are called Bandar kedua of the prices here are more or less the same with other city(kawasan A) in peninsular Malaysia...

So,JPA please make our biasiswa higher!!we are not kampung (kawasan B) as you expected!!

3 version of cucumber


cute?we had found this cowboy hat...hoho..

cute kan!!
I plan to buy this for my little siblings..what do you think?

the cheapest racket you will ever found...

Nevertheless,I am gonna tell you a bit what I done in the middle of maghrib...
I send my white coat and my white shirt to Dobi ( This is my 1st time)
Why?because the stain is soo degil" make me so fed up brushing those cloth..
the stain is because of the RM3.OO washing machine and that Singer Iron!!!!!...huhu

oh,this is the 3rd time I go to pick my cloth...and I determine if she did not do her work again for the 3rd time ,I will erupt like a volcano (oh saya praktis cara mengancang on the way ke sana..haha)

Pintu Grill yang baru di buat di hostel,...
wah ....penjara??

coridor of my hostel

lepas maghrib ahh aku jalan...

Do you see Mydin back there???
which is Light blue rectangular building...

ok after take the cloths..back to USM...
(jalan kaki jak ahh..dekat syak macm 200 km)

my white coat

damn iron!!

damn berkarat washing machine!!!
tengok ndak hilang juga...sudahlah bayar rm 3.00...nasib with iron service...hehe

because of the stress that I had due to the formula cleaning those stains by DOBIng clearly not working...... my facebook..and play restaurant city
(the only game that I play now,recommended to students coz it easy to maintain)

2.nasi Ikan Aya berlemak (I know where's the sayur??kan?)
entah nasi ni memang mcm nih

3.nasi gulai ikan kering

nasi goreng kampung rm 3.50

ok now diet sudah...............................

owh I am so into song entited Win by Brian McKnight.
so relevant with my life now....hehe

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