Monday, 10 October 2011

Tips For Amatuer Marathon Runner

This is what I had used and it works!

Pre Marathon
  • Do train religiously,but do not strain urself too much,for me frequency of training in a week is more important than the distance u run
  • having injury is common,the commonest is knee injury.So please search for the solution on how to reduce those injuries .For example,using knee support
  • Please invest in a good pair of running shoes,
  • buy things that are necessary,It depends on runners,I do buy towel and Vaseline
  • before any run,make sure u put Vaseline on areas that have contact with friction the most to prevent trauma to the skin.For example,nipple,toes,ankle
  • Do warm up,but do not over stretch ur self
  • U can take drugs before u run,like analgesic one hour before run
  • Do run on ur own pace that u are used to
  • challenge ur self "sky is the limit"
  • Breathing technique is important,inhale with ur nose,exhale with ur mouth
  • having Music along the way u run Does help a lot
Post Marathon
  • Do not directly sit after a long run,walk or stand is the best way to cool down
  • take a deep breath

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