Sunday, 9 October 2011

Larian terbuka Kelantan 2011:my exp

Hello peeps,How are u doing?
Recently,I did mention that I will be in a marathon right?
So basically,I gone through it and it was an awesome experience.I cant even express how am I feeling at that time.
I am proudly wanna says
"Even though I did not win,I run non-stop for 10km honey!!"
The distance for the run is 10km,as u can see from the above map,the first moment I see this my jaw drops!! 
During the running part,from USM to Jalan Bayam,I was like
"okay afif,u can do this,once u see petronas just make a turn on the left and u will be alright"-.-
I was panicking for a while at that moment because other runners run so fast!!,like running 100m race or something at the beginning and I was like SLOW JOG all the time!!and here is where Lihin left me,konon mau joging sama2!!

Then along jalan Bayam there were stations,one is checkpoint and the other one is water station.and here where I started to question my self,should I run faster?*Iwasslowjog,or should I not?Then I decide to run on my own pace which i used to.which is slow like a pig running.

Then at Dato Lundang,There were also the two I keep saying to my self
"where is the ****** Balai Islam!!!!!" huh hah huh hah huh hah*megaspingforAir
The worst run was from balai Islam to KFC!!! I am literally exhausted  and run using all my muscle that I posibly had.I drank 2 cup of water at the water station which is a great feeling and relieving moment at that time .huh hah huh hah *megaspingforAiragain

Then running from KFC was easy coz I am used to the pathway ,so I can expect what is in-store for me there.Then ,100m in the end I force my self to Run as fast as can and manage to finish in 1hour and 15 minute which is For ME was extraordinaire!!

what do I get? a certificate,10 litre of free MILO,7 bottle of Red Bull,2 cup of 100plus and a whole new unforgettable experience!!!!

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